[WoW] No SpellId for Mount "Mecha-Mogul Mk2"?

API Bug Report
I'm currently fiddling around with some WoW mount data and noticed: There is apparently no spellId for the Mecha-Mogul Mk2. The mount master list just gives a simple zero.
"name": "Mecha-Mogul Mk2",
"spellId": 0,
"creatureId": -80864,
"itemId": 0,
"qualityId": 1,
"isGround": true,
"isFlying": true,
"isAquatic": false,
"isJumping": false

Even the itemId seems to be missing here. Because there is actually an item for this mount ingame (crafted by engineers). Its itemId is 161134. So using the Item API on 161134 finally reveals the spellId 261437.
BUT calling the Spell API with id 261437 just results in HTTP404:
"status": "nok",
"reason": "unable to get spell information."

WTH? Something seems not right here.

Of course I tried the ingame LUA Api as well to get some more clarification.
Well, Mecha-Mogul Mk2 is missing completely in the MountJournal at least for regular players. I't might appear if you learn it. But so far I haven't met anyone yet, who has it.
My last idea was to call GetSpellInfo(261437). But that just returns nothing as well. So it could actually be the wrong spellId. I don't know.

I actually just like to know the correct spellId of this mount for my little addon project. Please Help? :)
(All other mounts are fine btw.)
The spellID seems to be added now, but I'm not seeing the mount appear in the character mounts API at all, just the mount master list one.

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