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Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

We'll be brief, because the patch notes aren't:

Specific Changes & Improvements
  • Updated anti-cheat to keep the Horde at bay
  • Unit button locations and hotkeys adjusted for consistency

Balance Updates
Can be found here:

Map Updates
Can be found here:

Bug Fixes
  • [Mac] Joining a custom game no longer results in a crash
  • [Mac] Loading a saved game no longer results in a crash
  • [Mac] Client no longer crashes when switching between expansions
  • [Mac] Cinematics work again
  • [Mac] Switching between fullscreen and windowed mode no longer causes menu/text misalignment
  • [World Editor] Crash when same ability with different buff ID’s is cast on a unit resolved
    Blademaster able to path through intended items during Wind Walk again
  • Defend consistently reflects damage from piercing attacks again – see Appendix
  • Killing a Demon Hunter at the end of its Metamorphosis no longer prevents Metamorphosis from being used for the rest of the match
  • Stun works again if the target has already been stunned by an illusion
  • Using Crypt Fiend's burrow/unburrow no longer resets the cooldown for the Web ability
  • Using Town Portal on a moving Tree of Life can no longer cause the spell to interrupt and grant temporary invulnerability
  • Units that can only attack other air units (or groups of units that include one of these units) can attack move to areas where there are trees again
  • Dropped items can no longer be stacked on top of each other
  • Cursor matches the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider again
  • Players can rejoin a saved multiplayer game again
  • Clan Message of the Day can be set again
  • Intro cinematic displays again
  • Text scales correctly and is no longer cut off In Windowed Mode
  • After loading a saved game, portraits no longer stretch the width of the screen
  • Ambient sound has been returned to tranquility
  • Hero glow for player 12 is consistent with original version again
  • Korean and Chinese installation names of Warcraft III on Windows 10 OS no longer say "StarCraft" in those languages
  • Setting 3 of "Set Ally Color Mode" no longer changes the team color of neutral creeps
  • Team and color no longer reset when clicking on the dropdown arrow in Lobby
  • The cursor no longer disappears behind the black bars of the main menu
  • The scoreboard no longer truncates when a timer is present
  • Tooltips for Keeper of the Grove's Learn Tranquility, Blademaster Critical Strike, and other
  • Critical Strike abilities have been updated to properly reflect changes made in 1.29.0
  • IME no longer creates a green box in non-enUS clients
  • Opening preferences no longer generates an error
  • The map pool from Random Team has been mirrored to Arranged Team
  • “/fps”, “/apm” and “/ping” visibility will be retained between games
  • Sound continues to play when game is minimized
  • No longer able to overwrite a Saved Game without receiving a warning prompt
  • Omni lights no longer show through the Fog of War
  • Resolution drop down no longer displays multiples of the same resolution settings
  • Community map descriptions updated
  • AI player start locations no longer “merge” in large custom games (Thanks to Roland for the test map)
  • Floating texts are now correctly positioned on widescreen (Thanks to SpasMaster for the direction)
  • Textures\\Doodads0-0.blp no longer missing from game data (Caught by eejin)
  • Maps utilizing return bug now prompt an error dialogue rather than crashing on map select
  • (4)FountainofManipulation was missing from Small FFA pool
  • "The Tomb of Sargeras" (TFT Night Elf 3) no longer crashes when cheats have been used
  • Matchmaking sound notification plays correctly
  • Tooltip windows scale properly (Thanks Tasyen)
  • Text and multi-boards are correctly aligned on the left and rights sides of the screen
  • HTML commands no longer display during cinematics
  • Issuing a build command to a worker while other actions are queued no longer causes the command queue to break
  • 24 player games with AI no longer causes starting locations to be merged
  • The glaive thrower damage buff in 1.30 is now applied to the Vorpal Blades upgrade
  • [Mac] Units display ground shadows again
  • Halls of the Dead and Black Citadel gold cost corrected
  • Multiboard minimize icon location is correctly located
  • Reinforced Defenses and similar upgrades apply correctly
  • Polish voice over no longer overwrites Russian audio in cinematics
  • Game data in custom campaigns no longer reverts with another map open
  • [World Editor] The edges of the Editor window are clickable again
  • [World Editor] BlzIsUnitInvulnerable returns the correct boolean value
  • [World Editor] BlzSetSpecialEffectPosition and BlzSetSpecialEffectPositionLoc names are now distinguishable in the GUI
  • [World Editor] Dead units no longer remain selectable when using BlzIsUnitSelectable
  • [World Editor] Improved function names for ability tooltips to turn on/off autocast
  • [World Editor] Values for BlzSetUnitDiceSides can be modified
  • [World Editor] Renaming an Item no longer changes all Items’ names
  • [World Editor] The default GUI values for UnitInterruptAttack and UnitCancelTimedLife no longer cause an error
  • [World Editor] UnitDisableAbility hides an ability with Hide=true and Disabled=false again
  • [World Editor] With an ability that has Disabled=false, attempting to set Disabled to false again no longer causes a crash
  • [World Editor] Adding a hero ability to a non-hero unit via Spellbook no longer causes a crash
  • [World Editor] Preloader native no longer requires “Allow Local Files” registry settings
  • [World Editor] 3D sounds can be toggled on/off within the Sound Editor
  • [World Editor] Movement based triggers function
  • [World Editor] Custom ability names no longer cause increased load times and in game lag (Thanks to Retera for the test map)
  • [World Editor] Preloader native functions (Thanks to TriggerHappy for the test map)
  • [World Editor] SetSpecialEfffectZ will always have a set value, and SetSpecialEffect Height accounts for terrain levels

World Editor Improvements
  • Added support for vJass with JassHelper
  • Most buffs/debuffs can simultaneously apply to the same unit if their ID’s are different
  • Added BlzPlaySpecialEffect
  • Added BlzSpecialEffectAddSubAnimation
  • Added BlzSpecialEffectRemoveSubAnimation
  • Added BlzSpecialEffectClearSubAnimations
  • BlzSetSpecialEffectHeight will take terrain height into consideration
  • Users may choose up to 16 tiles including cliffs

Known Issues
  • Unit health and mana bars overlap quest text in the UI
  • Icons are off center when the client is snapped while in windowed mode in narrow resolutions
  • Framerate is not adjusting correctly when running in the background
  • To help visualize and solve mouse cursor lag we have added oscursor to registry that draws the operating system arrow cursor – see Appendix
  • Imports in custom campaigns may become corrupted
  • In 24 player games AI buildings may become stuck in construction (unverified)


The immune field was calculated twice:
30%: Reflection : Immune Damage + Reflect Damage
21%: Immune Damage: Immune Damage
if not
49%: Take 50% Damage

30%: Reflection : Immune Damage + Reflect Damage
70%: Take 50% Damage

Mouse Lag
When submitting reports of mouse lag please include a video and system specs. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Run regedit
2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Blizzard entertainment -> warcraft iii -> Video -> Right-click -> New DWORD 32 bit value
3. Value name -> oscursor
4. Set to 1
Adding "-graphicsapi OpenGL2" to the launch options of a shortcut no longer works, it results in a large white box when I attempt to start the game. This was the only real method of reducing significant mouse delay. Any other recommendations? Not sure how to get OpenGL to work in this patch.

I'm using a GTX 1080.
why we can't use -nativefullscr anymore?
I'm stuck at "Starting Warcraft III..." window. My CPU is going crazy and nothing is happening.
Nice to see more changes and fixes as always. Keep the good work up and please fix other stuff people report. I have few ideas for the World editor but i would rather message them directly to KAM than create wall of text in here. I look forward to next updates :)
Hey Pete,
I play the custom game "Island Defense". Your recent bug fix to remove items collision with invisible units and units harvesting lumber removed a lot of cool features of the custom game which was kind of tailored around that bug. I would love it if you could make item collision an option to enable for mapmakers.

Thanks for reading

Highlights of item collision;
Nice job, you broke the game, cant even open it after update...
After the update downloads > I click on restart > wc3 restarts > and then I get the error "There was an error applying the upgrade".
Already tried US EAST, WEST and Europe.
update doesnt start 4 me : ( is there an external dl link?
nice embarrassment of a patch. classic game team should be at home on welfare if this is the best they can come up with xD. you buffed bat dps, tank dps, reinforced t2, all changes for making lamer units more cancerous than they already are. nonsensical changes like + 1 agi to pitlord and ignoring his ulti.

Never played wc3 nor do I understand it but I balance the game for a living :)
08/08/2018 09:54 AMPosted by Pete Stilwell

The immune field was calculated twice:
30%: Reflection : Immune Damage + Reflect Damage
21%: Immune Damage: Immune Damage
if not
49%: Take 50% Damage

30%: Reflection : Immune Damage + Reflect Damage
70%: Take 50% Damage

What exactly does this change mean?
Time to kill all custom games hosting bots again thank you blizzard <333333
what did you do with the resolution ?

video options - gamma and resolution are locked

w3 starts in windowed fullscreen mode

-nativefullscreen doesnt work

broke the game
That's awesome!

Thank you Blizzard! Please, keep up the good work!

For anyone having issues after the update getting stuck on the "Starting Warcraft 3" popup, just restart the game. It worked for me on the second attempt to install the patch.
worst patch ever
I think it's kinda critical that the launcher / Installer doesn't seem to work for every second person. Hoped these kind of issues would not occur again after changing the patch system.
In battle net , if you fail to join a game , there is no timeout and you get stuck in the game list menu. Only way is to use alt+f4.
For those of you who play in Windowed mode can't you just use Alt + Enter to force the game into windowed mode? It seems to work fine for me. Though I can't say anything about not having native fullscreen anymore
I'm not sure how I did it but I got -nativefullscr to work. I recreated the shortcut on my desktop from the Program Files x86 and made the target " -nativefullscr " and then after loading it looked like it didn't work but when I minimized the window (hitting the Windows key on a PC), it started working. I don't think it'll work for others for for some reason, it worked for me.

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