Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne keeps crashing since the newest update

Bug Report
Everything was fine until latest update came. My game crashed 3 times since the update and I was only playing 6-7 Legion TDs
Experiencing the same thing. Have been sending reports.
same here
yep same
they just need to backup to ver 1.29...!!!
because problem is in patch 1.30, the game crushes even if you watch replays
Mine crashes too.
It crashes at the oddest times, like i was playing two different custom games on battlenet and it crashed within 5 minutes. The next day I played those same games and it crashed 40 minutes in.

Pretty fed up at the time I just went to single player campaigns and it crashed halfway through the first nightelf campaign game
Bad update.
since the update almost all games i play crash
Same problem still, just crashed.
Game freezes like it wants to buffer, then closes without an error message.
yea !!!!!!! they updated a game after 10 years AND MAKE IT UNSTABLE !!! we want back 1.29 you dev noobs
I just popped here to say: ty activision for destroying a great company.
Not that they are wrecking the world of warcraft, but now they actually managed to break warcraft3. un-freaking-believable ! i can't play a !@#$%^- game because almost every game ends in a crash and sometimes the game just exists and no error pos.
FYI these are my laptop Asus rog specs:
i7-6700hq @2.60GHz, quad core, 16GB ram, 512 SSD Samsung Evo, nVidia gtx 950m.
I don't know who is in charge of "patching" this game but man !!! - he needs to fire his whole team and bring new people or even better: try to get back the old team that built the real Blizzard !
In case this wasn't so explicit: I'm mad.
this is getting ridiculous now crashing almost every game. New patch pls
same here crash crash
Just want a play a simple custom game and when i am about to be happy and having a good time then the game crash wasn't even lagging it just crashed
Same thing happened here. Updated to the newest patch, played a custom game for about 20 min, game freezes for a few seconds and then crashes with 0 error messages.
Same here... last 3 legion TDs crash. So I guess the game is unplayable or is there a fix?
UPDATE: Another crash. Hasnt been able to finish a single game since I reinstalled two nights ago. Last two crashes came during the middle fight after lvl 10 (Legion TD)... Cant remember if previous crashes came at the same time.
Game crashes even in off line custom vs insane comps.
Have anybody found a solution to this? The website just states:

Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues.
Close all other applications to resolve software conflicts and free up resources.

Which is about as helpful as a slap on the cheek. This game has been working fine on this computer ( and my 2 previous ) before this lovely patch, but now its !@#$.

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