Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne keeps crashing since the newest update

Bug Report
Hello blizzard?
Game keeps crashing for me as well. Only on battle.net but it is like I lag out, but without the lag...
Mine crashes after I watch a replay and try to go back and play a game in bnet. It will search for the game and find one then it will freeze once I find one. Counts as a loss every time. I also have 2 monitors and if I click out onto the other one then click back into the game this will also cause games to disconnect and crash. Quite annoying since this didn't happen w/ older versions.
i cant host custom games anymore and i cant even join them just constant crashes
Also facing crash after crash with, while playing custom maps. In previous patches I'd see heavy lag spikes with less than 1 fps. Tried adding "-graphicsapi Direct3D9" to the shortcut to no avail (might work for some of you though)
The latest update is horrible, i cant play nothing...my pc goes very slow at the moment of running a game and with lag. I cant pass the 1st round of legion so imagine that!
This game is crashing constantly on funmaps... i hate it.. i want back the old version
Same here, after getting the update a few days ago, it's been crashing every time it loads the map.
??? EXPERIENCING THE SAME ISSUE ... CMON blizz tech support
This game is over a decade old and is just now having stability issues.

I really don't understand this company anymore. Why did this game even need an update? What could you have possibly needed to fix in a game that old, that would cause it to be so unstable?

There are 2 answers:
1) Blizzard is literally run by monkeys in a basement with a keyboard.
2) Blizzard is making the old version of the game so !@#$ty and unbearable in a stupid effort to force us buy the "new" Warcraft 3.

Either way Blizzard, you should feel ashamed. If that's even something anyone at your company can register as an emotion any more.
Same for me, crash without an error message
I play legion TD almost every day. Last week it has crashed once every third game.

This is very annoying. Sometimes it crashes in the middle of the game and I just give up and dont play the game.
I keep on crashing and dcing and freezing all of the time.
Cant play anything for more like 20 min or crash. Cheers guys
crash every game on battlenet. !@#$ this update
After downloading the game about 1 month ago, I'm now experiencing this same crap. Before it would only happen randomly like every other day or so, now its every game... I can no longer play through a single custom multiplayer game, haven't even tried single player but I've heard it won't work either. Please fix or will be forced to quit; game is unplayable!
Hamban was here... Still crashing..

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