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Greetings Bandits, Alchemists, Wisps, and Centaurs

You have our sincere thanks for the ongoing community support. Keep the information coming!

Bug Fixes
  • FMOD related crashes on many custom maps resolved. Testing was conducted on various MOBAS, Horde Vs Alliance X3, Sunken City, ORD8.4, and numerous test maps submitted by community.
  • Switching expansions no longer crashes
  • Ancient of War damage is consistent between rooted and uprooted
  • (4)Twisted Meadows bottom right creep spawn location reverted to 1.30.0
  • (4)SynergyBigPaved has the correct file extension
  • Numerical tooltips in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish match English entries
  • [World Editor] Player can be added to player groups again without crashing

Balance Changes
  • Far Sight was intended to be 2700 AoE at level 3

Map Updates
  • Goblin Laboratories have a tree within range for Wisps
  • Adjusted all starting locations to allow for optimal building placement

Is OpenGL back?
Survival Chaos still crashes.
Can you guys please tell us if OpenGL is supported/available again?
There are tons of people who cannot play Wc3 anymore since it has been dropped (myself included).

I really don't get why people downvote comments asking for this clarification either. The question is valid and important.
thanks a lot! =D
Lol really, was that buff in 1.30 to level 3 farsight so overpowered you had to undo it?

At the same time godlike blademasters and demon hunters are rampaging since level 1, killing whatever they want and nothing can threaten them...
Mouse Lag still present on Mac High Sierra.
if you really fixed the mess you created with costume maps, GJ. it was really unplayable, no joke. UNPLAYABLE.

now regarding sound. did you revert it back how it was?? i really hope so.
Need to give this a try
Thank you Classic Games team for all the hours of work you put into Warcraft 3.

I'm confident that the future of Warcraft 3 will be fantastic.
Especially the reduced ping on BNet and the added anti cheat were great improvements for the Warcraft 3 Melee community!

I hope you keep working on Warcraft 3 for a long time.
i am too busy until next week to even have time to test this. circus shows i have agreed to film(agreement with the circus director).
Thank You Guys a lot, great job
Really, great work, starting with support for a wide format and up to the possibility to get 144 fps on your monitor. The game now looks very smooth. Maybe the next goal is to increase the maximum number of units in the group from 12 to 18? Thanks alot
will there be a dedicated thread for reporting bot api bugs?
I say go develop wc4 and let wc3 die in peace.. !@#$ is crashing still.
No problems for cheaters at all. Maphacks still happen. T_T
several questions remain:
Why is my mappool deleted after some games?
Why full mana on Amazonia for mage?
Why does lightning shield affect burried units?
Why lightning-shield at all?
Why bonus damage on ballistas, ud gets tl1 rushed with too strong KotG (omg).
Why burrow upgrade at orc tl2??????????????????

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