Do you like the Battle.Net client? Let me know what you think of it. (need help)

Mobile Feedback Discussion
TL;DR: What features of the client do you use the most?

I'm doing a class project about the clients design. I want to gauge how the fan base uses the client and how it can be improved. My ultimate goal is to translate the client into an app. I know that there already is a phone app but it doesn't have nearly as many features as the computer client.

So, if you don't mind helping me out a bit can you answer a few questions:
1. What are the most important tabs to you outside of the game tab? (Social, Shop, News, BlizzCon, OWL)
2. Do you use the phone app?
3. What features do you wish you could access on your phone?
4. If you could add anything to the client what would it be?
5. If you could remove anything from the client what would it be?

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