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Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

We're happy to get this patch in your hands. It is focused on stability improvements, and some minor changes for multiplayer.

Specific Changes & Improvements
  • Game client can now use up to 3GB of memory
  • -nativefullscr mouse sensitivity is on point
  • Updated observer API to export more game information

Bug Fixes
  • [Mac][10.14 Beta] Cursor responds in game
  • FMOD related crashes on many custom maps resolved. Testing was conducted on various MOBAS, Horde Vs Alliance X3, Sunken City, ORD8.4, and numerous test maps submitted by community
  • Silent map crashes resolved on popular custom maps
  • Maps calling preload() with a file string shorter than 4 characters no longer crash
  • TFT campaign missions no longer crash on load
  • Casting two spells with the same BuffID no longer causes a crash
  • Switching expansions no longer crashes
  • [World Editor] Player can be added to player groups again without crashing
  • Setting Clan Message of the Day no longer causes a disconnect
  • Bash tooltip updated from “opponent” to “target”
  • Defend correctly allows 60% of piercing damage through when not reflected
  • Improved Masonry cost correctly calculated
  • Human fast building speed no longer transfers between structures
  • Ancient of War damage is consistent between rooted and uprooted
  • Allied heroes with shared control appear in the UI again

  • Muting sound using Ctrl+S or Ctrl+M while a unit is selected no longer triggers the hotkeys for Stop and Move
  • All ambient sounds return after re-enabling sounds during gameplay
  • Resolved sound volume issues for certain spells and ambient footsteps
  • Game sound remains when the client is not in focus

  • Map veto preferences are saved between sessions
  • Imported files in custom campaigns no longer silently corrupt on save
  • SharedModels/TeamGlow00.tga no longer fails to load
  • RoC campaign data no longer includes TFT balance changes
  • Dirt and grass cliff tiles are no longer replacing other tiles
  • Empty strings in the Italian local no longer display <sp/>
  • Numerical tooltips in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish match English entries
  • (4)SynergyBigPaved has the correct file extension
  • [World Editor] Abilities with no buff ID no longer stack indefinitely

Balance Changes
  • Far Sight was intended to be 2700 AoE at level 3
  • Meat Wagons' Disease Cloud now deals 2 damage per second

Map Updates
  • Kobold Taskmasters now drop Level 2 Permanent items instead of Level 2 Charged items
  • Creep camps no longer agro other creep camps

  • Removed hidden unbuildable terrain
  • Removed locations where towers could be built on cliffs
  • Corrected map description

(2)Road to Stratholme LV
  • Removed a location where units could be dropped and not attacked

  • Tree locations reverted to 1.29
  • Goblin Laboratories have a tree within range for Wisps
  • Adjusted all starting locations to allow for optimal building placement
Still no Keeper of the Grove and huntreses nerf? Do you even realise how broken entangle is now? Plenty of people wrote about this. Was it really that difficult to change that in this patch? How long do we have to wait for that simple fix? Another month?
After this patch hit, when i try to join an online custom game, i get dc'ed instantly :/
Impossible to play, i'm disconnected when the game start

Which maps are you attempting to join?

I can't even download the patch. Iam stuck on Starting Warcraft III .... @ Eu
Impossible for me to stay connected on every 4v4 RT games launched (5 attempts)
I've launched 4 on 1v1, the game end immediately after loading saying Victory but I got 4 loses.
Imposible to play hellhalt td custom map. Games starts and insta disconnecting.
one word left to say, *"Finally!!!"*

i didn't update from patch 1.29.2 i hope this was worth the wait because seemingly all the issues are now fixed.

The disconnects appear to be caused by clients not automatically updating - resulting in conflicting versions of the game. We've manually booted everyone to force the update. Let us know if that resolves the problem.

much better thanks :D
Regarding balance massive flaws:
-DL sleep cd should be longer so a player can counter it with staff and not waste tp ,buff something else but dont remove a logical counter
-Elf mirror just hunt mass no point in t2,t3 lost its depth and complexity as a mu
-accolite speed too strong for scouting
-hum militia useless, while 1base hum not good enough so obvious meta vacuum
-far sight is useless fs needs a teamfight mid,late game ability that can make him usefull, all summoner heroes get easily countered by dispell except AM because blizzard retrain
-Add some variety to hum heroes no point in playing anything else than AM first everygame
- nerf laming strategies

09/13/2018 10:33 AMPosted by TigerBonzo
Still no Keeper of the Grove and huntreses nerf? Do you even realise how broken entangle is now? Plenty of people wrote about this. Was it really that difficult to change that in this patch? How much do we have to wait for that simple fix? Another month?

game didnt have any patch for 10 years.

09/13/2018 10:33 AMPosted by TigerBonzo
Another month?
Apparently, the animation of the world freezer in Castle Fight custom maps still causes games to crash.
The game sound can still be heard after alt-tabbing.
Cool how you just randomly changed the orange creep spot on swamped temple so the ramp goes away from the base starting location, making it impossible to creep anything on that map without getting harassed
Updated, and still get no numerical info on remaining Trained Footmen in Spanish Version
Gonna test gaias right now and then I'll update my post to see if stuff got fixed :/


Edit: Models have been fixed.
After update the game when I host game and after loading all players get desync, all players updated game too

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