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Are there any plans regarding balancing Night Elf ? I played only a few games this patch because my motivation for playing in a game where the balance is so utterly broken is not fun at all.

I understand that "balance" is a relative term in a game where you have so much diversity and nobody here is saying that we are striving for everything to be balanced. However there is a fine line between have one race that is completely overpowered while every other race strattles and struggles.

There is pretty much consensus regarding Keeper of the Groove that this hero is now too strong. way way to strong. Keeper of the Groove was fine and balanced as it was before he got buffed.

I understand that you may have wanted Night Elf to have other viable First hero picks, but buffing a hero that is already balanced is clearly not the way to go.

Entangle needs to be nerfed. Up mana cost back to 125 at the very least. Huntresses must not have vision thingies at tier 1 and for a unit with such high mobility, they are too effective when you have a big group of them.

Night elf tier1 with KotG is just simply too strong. Again, nobody is saying that we need a perfectly balanced game. All the community is asking for is a reasonable attempt to keep this on a even "keel".
SetUnitArmor was not removed, it was renamed.
I like to add something, besides the obvious KOTG Hunts imbalancness (especially in 2on2 with buffed tc hh). Sorry for that, but it is just so insane it had to be mentioned (... again...)

- The desync bug is really obnoxious. It seems to be a UI thing? It stretches the portrait and sets to 4:3 ratio. But yeah, you drop from the game so a loss. I had this always directly at the start; but it also can occur just at some random point in a ladder game. Even if Wc3 is freshly booted.
- The mouse cursor still doesn't appear in the typing-line automatically. Often causing to accidentally hit some hotkey combination to some menu (or when in game lobby; quit the game lobby).
- clan tags may appear offset (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/277878600424882177/508665884403957770/unknown.png) (it can also occur that longer names are cut-off and the final characters are not shown).
- The tune that a game has been found now often plays when the game starts, rather then when bnet finds it and start loading. In combination with no automatic alt-tab back this often causes people to miss the first seconds. It is stressy. Also miss the race(s) of the opoonent(s)
- Hotkeys prioritization is changed. Not sure if this is an issue; but if you'd remap an ability to S, it will no longer be able to execute with pressing S. S of course overlaps with Stop. In the past the game responded differently to this.
- Had a joinbug with an ally in AT. We actually got a win out of this. Never ever saw that before. I believe it's policy to receive a loss in those cases.

Question someone might know: do summoned units give less XP? Seems if you creep, for example, goldmine on LT with treants you are level 0.8 or so. Normally you'd be 2.0. No, ancient of war didn't take any hits. Same happens with FS wolves.

just played some games. really, hotfix that kotg. Elf tips the scale. If one could place bets you'd win 85% based upon race alone rofl.
i just installed the game on my macbook pro, but i can't change the resolution, it's fixed to 1024x768x32, and the drop down menu is greyed out. is there a fix for this problem?
i have the same problem. there is a command line argument to enable the resolution to be changed but, changing it crashes the game. that is likely why they have locked it, because it is the only resolution that works.

ive posted this before.
i really appreciate that u try to make the gameexperience better for everyone.
but at the same time u are unwillingly creating a worse experience for the more seasoned players.
im strictly speaking of random team. in my case 2v2 RT.
with the older system it took a while to find a match and it was more or less balanced. u could always have a good game. with the new system u find a game instantly but it is NOT balanced at all. it is complelty random.
the amount of bad players is unberable.
im lvl 37 and yet i get matched with people who have 0-18. (in my team and aswell in the enemy team)
playing this is no fun at all - not for me nor for them.

the quality of each single match should increase with level - not stay the same or get worse.

PLEASE overthink the range in which players can be found.

after today i will stopp rt for good now.
after 15 years of wc3 its the first time i am really fed up with the game, because i cant remember the last good match i had in RT.
also it seems that many other players feel the same way i do.
this needs to be fixed asap!

have a nice day.
I am looking forward to an improved MMR as well.
i was never very good at warcraft 3 so i always lost even on the easiest difficulty. as such, i have been working on custom maps entirely.
can´t join custom online games, neither my friends if i create one
same issues anyone?
I just found the new Reforged forums. One of the top discussions is about a gender toggle switch. AbeSimpsonhat.gif

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