Digital Diablo2 and expansion refuses to run ?

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I had to download because the physical cds install u can no longer play? now the game after digital downloaded wont even run after whats wrong ??
You can not longer use the physical cd keys cuz a group of hackers hacked the matrix and entered inside the code to decrypt all the old cd keys and conquer the world, then blizzard watching that refused to accept the hackers win this battle, then the wonderfull idea of blizzard was pass from 16 cd keys to 26 cd keys to make the hackers have a long long time to decode one cd key, but they are now getting quantum processores from the deep web, and blizzard will have to soon launch cd keys from 26 to 128

but, there is a long road for that day, just use your digital cd key of 26 digits

and if is not working, maybe you will have to talk with an administrator and check if your cd keys were disabled or used and banned by bots
yo tengo el mismo problema, compre ayer el juego en al tienda, y no se ejecutan despues de instalar

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