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I m sure blizzard know what they doing ^....^ regards ghostplay.de
Killing off hosting bots is literally the worst thing that can be done. I have played custom games for so many years now, and it is for me, and a lot of players, the thing that makes wc3 keep growing strong. I have met many friends there, some of them have become friends for life. It would be sad if that would go away.

Many of the advantages of hostbots have been mentioned already, but I haven't seen one which is really important for me: the possibility to keep track of statistics and rankings. Without stats/elo/rankings, many custom games become boring quickly. Just like friendly matches in sports are boring, so are games without a ranking. Those will disappear as well without the hostbots and the sites behind it.
09/28/2018 11:58 AMPosted by BREADFAN
I m sure blizzard know what they doing ^....^ regards ghostplay.de

No they don't your a troll good day sir
very nice =D
Great news! Thanks Pete and team!
Hope we will never see any hostbot.
I'm thankful that you classic devs are working on the game, but I find the latest direction abominable.

I wouldn't mind as much if you closed down bots directly at release of 1.29, but the message were:

"Oh, things broke with the last update but we understand and aknowledge the need of hostbots and will fix what we can, and you bot devs can fix what you can". - That was fine, because we bot devs understood that.

We updated and restored broken bot functionality, rented infrastructure and maintained servers. Patiently hoping that it will finally calm down when the series of updates are done. Only to be thrown under the cart at the last possible moment.

To be using us like this makes me speachless.

You could have voiced your ambition to have a bot free bnet a long time ago, whatever your long term goal might be.
Last few patches are plain awful, I start to regret buying this game.

The best favour for the wc3 community (at least for custom maps/DotA) you guys can do is to stop "fixing" the game, that will make lot of people happy.
dont remove mmh plox
Ok so lets be serious now :) all of you say remove hostbots blablablabla ... but you dont think that the other players like the hostbots same as you like the maps without hostbots? Stop be so !@#$in mean and think only what is good for you.
killing bot hosting will kill warcraft 3 alltogether. There is still base of players that enjoy strategic games like wc3 and custom games , blizard doesn't seem to get it.
I personally believe that hostbots add a lot of value which was previously missing. But there are a few things which are *required* to be done before adding patches that kill of the hostbots which are:

- a better custom game browser (the browser right now is pretty much unusable without the help of websites that provide a better game list, so i just copy names)
Just add a search based on a string, ordering of the games by name/ping/..., mapname (filter by map, not by gamename), current player x/24, ...
- map statistics (ranked)
- some kind ban system for leavers? (at least for custom games)

Its fine to remove the bots after that, but before you'r just cripping the custom game community.
Don't kill hostbots please.
Don't fix what ain't broken.
Custom games are currently in a healthy state.
Leave Hostbots where they are please!!! they keep the game alive..
09/27/2018 10:52 AMPosted by ZeroX
thanks!!! <3

Thanks, but no thanks.
Do not do this, this is stupid. Blizz will kill one of their last good games.
I can’t decide whose !@# to lick

If I agree with hostbot nerds in order to get likes or since I like the color red I agree with low IQ blizzard staff.

Decision almost as hard as my $%^-*.

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