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The Draught of Ten Lands (edited) was datamined by wowhead (go figure).... We don't have any stats to track draughts.... Is it possible to either:

1 - Get a stat to track draught usage (there are some in Darkmoon Faire too)... similar to how we track Flasks and Elixirs?


2 - Change the Draught of Ten Lands to be an Elixir so it can be counted in the character statistics?

This is a pretty critical thing for us.
With 8.1 around the corner, I wanted to raise this post to your attention again.

There is no statistic in the API that tracks draught usage. Is it possible to either add something that will track draughts used by character *OR* change the Draught of Ten Lands to either be an elixir or flask (something that's already tracked in statistics).

The draught provides an XP boost and is account-wide; this provides a huge advantage when participating in our challenges (XP boosting is against our rules).

Not really sure how else to get the right person's attention on this, I'm hoping someone here can raise it to a developer's attention if possible.

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