Is it legal to use WoW realm names as release names for my open source software?

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Hi. I am able to retrieve all running realms using blizzard API (it is possible even without it, so the question might be slightly off-topic). My software is free and licensed under Apache 2.0, hosted on Github and (what is sad but true, NOT directly related to any Blizzard game).

Since Github has an ability to create software 'releases' and name each one whatever I like, I want to name them in honor of such reams (e.g Aegwynn, Aerie Peak, Agamaggan, and so on).

The question is: is that legal? Can I name my software releases that way? Wish you best of luck.
Hi Netherwire,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this issue. We are very honored that you want to name your releases after our realms, however, you do need to use an original naming convention.

Since you and Blizzard both create software, using your own unique names clearly distinguishes that it is your company creating the software and not us. This will help prevent any confusion to consumers and give you the credit you deserve.
We highly value our development community and want you to succeed!

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