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Greetings Developers! We hope you're enjoying the Blizzard Developer Portal.

To better serve the needs of our community, we're working to continuously improve the portal. So what's changed?
    • The portal now supports all WoW APIs.
    • Try It feature is now available.
    • SC2 APIs are coming soon, oops, pardon our slip!

We'll continue to post updates as information comes in, so check back!
Greetings Developers!

We’re excited to announce a couple of updates:
    • All Game Data APIs Online – All World of Warcraft®, StarCraft® II, and Diablo® III APIs previously available via the Mashery portal are now available via the Developer Portal! If you were waiting for StarCraft II APIs or World of Warcraft profile data, you should be good to go!

    • The Try It feature is now available! You can now try our APIs from the portal… no coding required! By popular demand, we have added the ability to test an API and see what data you can retrieve directly from the Blizzard Developer Portal.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you haven’t yet migrated to the new portal, please remember that you only have until January 6, 2019. At that time, the Mashery portal will be shut down and clients using old credentials will no longer be able to authenticate and receive game data.

We'll continue to post updates so please check back!
Greetings developers!

The StarCraft II Community API was recently updated with the following improvements and bug fixes:
    • The API correctly shows localizedGameMode as "Archon" for LOTV_TWOS_COMP ladders. This change is also reflected in the user profiles on the website.
    • All ladder endpoints return profile regions.
    • Seasonal endpoints return start and end dates in epoch format.

Note: Legacy endpoints are not being deprecated. However, legacy endpoints will no longer be updated.

We encourage you to read the StarCraft II Community API Reference documentation.

Your suggestions are always appreciated—we are listening!
Greetings Developers!

The Mythic Dungeon updates to the World of Warcraft Game Data and Profile APIs have gone live! Just to recap, here are some of the awesome features now available:

    • Data for the seasonal best run for each dungeon (both within qualifying time and by Keystone level).
    • Statically and dynamically namespaced documents that describe Mythic Keystone Profile Seasons, Dungeons, and other related documents including Mythic Keystone Affixes, Character Specializations, and more!

Please go here for more details!
Greetings, developers!

The StarCraft II /league endpoint is now available on the Developer Portal. See the StarCraft II Game Data APIs page for the complete method and a list of parameters.

We'll continue posting updates here, so please check back!
Good morning, developers!

As an addendum to last week's StarCraft II /league endpoint, GET - /sc2/ladder/season/:regionId in the StarCraft II Community APIs now returns the current seasonId.

Thank you for your feedback!
Greetings, developers!

We have made some changes to the Token Validation endpoint:
  • The header version of GET /oauth/check_token is no longer supported; we have removed it from the documentation
  • The query version of GET /oauth/check_token supports a more secure POST method
Greetings, developers!

Earlier this week we released some new data to the Game Data APIs for World of Warcraft. This release includes new data and endpoints related to PvP Seasons, character PvP rankings, pets, mounts, creatures, and guilds.

Please refer to this post for more information.
Greetings, developers!

Earlier today we released some documentation for the Hearthstone Game Data APIs with an accompanying Hearthstone Guide.
Greetings, developers!

We've just released some documentation for the new World of Warcraft Profile APIs and the updated World of Warcraft Game Data APIs.

For more information, check out the forum posts here and here.

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