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First off, thank you so much for this remaster. Apparently I've heard cross-client play was already confirmed, and thank you for not splitting our community. I've heard that the map editor is getting more love. You guys have been so great to us as a community.

Judging from Grubby's screen the UI is small, especially in the area of the minimap. I don't like the attack, move, skills thing being in the center not the right side. Please keep the unit cap at 12.

Asks: Please give us Clans, Access to old voice lines and/or models, If you keep the display ui, please give us access to the old ui as well.

Thank you again, this is a wonderful gift from you guys to us who love this game.
And for those who already possesses warcraft III reign of chaos and Frozen throne will be able to upgrade it in warcraft 3 reforged or will it be necessary to repay the game ? I mean... paying $30 just to replay the game in HD texture (and not really that looking good imo) would be really disgusting to do that. Or else a price reduction for those who already got the original, i don't know, but not gonna paid $30 just for "HD texture".
my question is as a w3 is an old game will be old pc users play remastered and normal w3 ?
Can you PLEASE add Zoom out camera option??? In my opinion portraits is way too zoomed out (zoom closer on the faces)!
Graphics look awfull, units are too blurred with eachother and terrain, model sizes are all messed up, ui should be kept as it was. I don't know what Blizzard is doing all was needed with remaster:

1) HD of old graphic style - it was perfect, never got old. New one looks cheap, cartoonish, candy like and plain bad

2) give more tools for customs maps and modders

3) improve performance

4) give us hotkes customization

That's literally it!!! Nothing else was needed, this new graphic direction is just awfull. There really isn't any reason to buy this game, especially considering they said it's going to be compatible with good ol' WC3 (btw it's not longer in store?)
A harder difficulty for the campaign
More hidden items and easter eggs for the campaign
Classic WC3 custom maps/campaigns working if possible
i prefer the more cartoony look of the original
what about new ladders/clan ladders without hackers?
Also, although ladder should absolutely be restricted to selecting a maximum of 12 units, I think it should be possible to mod it up for custom maps, at least to 24 units or even more if the engine allows it.
Is War3 Reforged going to be an online-only game? Do we have to log on to Battlenet to play single player campaigns? And what if we don't want the visual upgrade but just want to play with the old graphics? Do we still have to download all the assets for Reforged?
I would vote for expanding the 12 unit cap - or at least for making it an option for the map makers! Controlling large armies in one control group would be a god send to such macro maps as Lordaeron: The Aftermath or Azeroth Wars where the food exceeds 100!

The graphics are hit and miss. Personally, I find the dreadlord absolutely orgasmic to look at, the same goes for the aboms and meat wagons (and probably necromancers), but Grubby has said that the footman is not immediately recognizable as himself at the first glance. But the rifleman is perfect.

I'd also say that the colours of the terrain (grass, trees) are almost too washed out. A bit like in SC2. But some folks say that it's too bright and cartoony... It's confusing.

The UI is indeed weird and inconsistent. I'd like it remade completely. Old elements mesh weirdly with the new ones. And of course, the giant unit heads without the frame look off. But I do dig the HP/Mana bars under the heads, it will theoretically hugely help DotA in this regard.
Plz add VOICE chat in the game!
I'd also like to say thank you for the remaster! I have a couple feedback points:

- I'd really prefer the original UI. If the UI will indeed change, it would be nice to have the option to use the original.

- The new Reforged graphics look a bit desaturated right now. Warcraft 3 is a very colorful game, and I believe that is one of the reasons why people enjoy it so much. Please ensure that it stays that way.

- I'm a modder and currently working on a project. When I heard about the remaster, I was both happy and a bit worried, because I use a lot of custom models in my project. The remaster means those models won't fit in anymore. I think it's really important to the modding community that custom models are just as easy to make in Reforged as they are now to encourage people to make new models in the new style.
Please no to unit selection limit. We should get it uncapped. It's QoL change.
I find it bad that those who pre-ordered virtual ticket can not get price reducement for Spoils of War.
I watched Grubby play the demo for about 10 mins so this is just early and off-the-cuff:

1) Make sure that the unit graphics don't lose their POP when you're updating visuals. By POP I mean how they stand out from terrain and other units, and also how each distinctive unit has their own shape. Color schemes are key here.

2) The unit selection cap should stay at 12

3) We need an option to keep the old sounds. The old sounds are perfect

4) Rifleman look to large and the rifle recoil is 50% too pronounced

5) Cut scene Arthas looks too pretty for my tastes. I guess you can balance this with a badass Death Knight Arthas :)

6) The Paladin, Blademaster, and Dreadlord hero models look fantastic. I can't wait to see the rest of the heroes. Firelord is gonna look sick
7) Please make it so that we keep our legacy Frozen Throne battle.net stats and account.

I'm looking forward to more info and a release date!
Let the 5th race be added - the Demon race of the Burning Legion. Thanks.
Hey guys, i can't wait for reforged.

Here's my feedback: (As i've seen on grubby's stream)

- The heroes look a tad too small compared to the normal units (knights for example) I'd say 10% decrease on the other units and 10% increase on heroes would be better

- The UI still needs lots of improvement. Having such a minimalistic UI leads to many small problems.

- The Unit Health & MP Font looks too small, but fits the current health/mana bars. So i'd suggest at least increase it around 20% to make it better readable. Of course that would mean the UI needs to be bigger, but i still got a few things to say

- The Current Selected Units area is too small, the unit icons are visible, but hard to distinguish. We have no meat wagon load units example, but i guess the same 20% would work out to have good visible unit icons (and healthbars!) I still do support the 12 units max thing, with the "normal foodlimit and stuff" it only feels right that way

- The Command Menu does seem like it would work out for campaigns, but a looot of custom games are gonna have a problem that certain spells are smaller than the "main ones". The way it looks now, there would be no way to have all spells in a row. Also the normal commands need to be larger to be normally "clickable" for the users
My suggestion would be to go to an interface, that still goes like 4x3 or maybe try a 2x6 interface (Row No. ?: Move, Stop, Hold Position, Attack, Patrol, LevelupSkill | Row No. ?: Spell1-4(-6) | Row No. ?: Inventory Slot 1-6?

- The inventory slot amount should stay as it is (6 Slots), having a possiblity to change it to a number X doesnt make it easier as that wouldnt be used in melee or campaign and would never be enough for the crazy inventory systems in certain custom games. But as i suggested already, it might be possible (depending on the end UI Size) to use the 6 slots as a third row (or in fact replaced with background UI, if the char has no slots) and wouldnt take more space to the right.
In any case that means that you would some new default hotkeys for the inventory slots. The old Numpad 7,8,4,5,1,2 wouldnt work that way. Maybe a Shift+1,2,3,4,5,6 (Non-Numpad) could work then.

- The minimap looks different, maybe it is because the whole UI changed, but it also looked smaller than before. It felt a tad too small in my opinion.

That's all i wanted to say.
I hope you guys have fun developing a game with such a strong community and please support the mapmakers and the overall community with tons of features to improve stuff
The version we saw was some really alpha footage, even grubby said he played a newer one some weeks ago.

CLassic team has a whole year to polish, develop and take feedback from the war3 fans.

I would not be surprised if war3 classic became free and war3 reforged is the only one to pay for if you want the improved graphics, similar to SC1/SC1 remaster.

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