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I`m really happy to see reforging of warcraft 3! Thank you blizzard.
So, my small wishlist:
  • UI (Spell/Inventory/Unit bars. Also adding to each UI variotians for choose);
    ENB Presets (If it`s possible);
  • SLK files and tables (with objects data, for simple customize adding new objects, classes and etc.);

  • 3D-models (popular formats: fbx, obj, etc. May be by addition tool)
  • New content:
    • New campaign story (It`s really need for us, new story, new examples of great work)
    • New custom maps by Blizzard (Grand Prix, Hunters, Candy Wars and etc.)
    • New models (from other Blizzard games, for example and addition versions of units, it very useful for creating new maps and campaigns)
    • New icons / arts
    • New music and sounds effect


    • Better method of calculation vision (for example: we have problems with destructables)
    I just hope we get a good decent MMR or leaderboard system.

    I also hope they have the reconnect feature in match-making.
    First off want to thank you guys for this reforging of the greatest game ever.

    -Ability to reconnect back into a game if kicked for internet or other issues.
    -More options in custom games, such as unlimited gold in gold mines, tavern heroes toggled on or off, respawning neutral enemies, start with tier 3 keeps, etc.
    -Ability to choose which hero skin you want when playing custom games, like jaina instead of the older wizard look.

    Again looking great super excited!
    Hello blizzard
    i wanna say, Warcraft 3 is the biggest masterpiece in history of games for me, and thats because of the limitless warcraft 3 editor engine making it possible to make literally anything playable
    The Reforged remaster seems great, im just afraid about 2 things

    A: How will be the options for custom maps creation be adressed

    and B: THE UI... i know that what we seen at blizzcon played by grubby was an Alpha, but that UI..... just no.... just no guys. The Warcraft 3 UI is flawless, its not limited to based spell Icons, its not see through which looks bad, its all the way to the end of screen instead of cuttof like in the Reforged gameplay
    just the whole thing is.... bad

    Everything else seems fine to me, maybe apart from model size heroes compared to units but thats a meh, but that UI, please do change that UI, try to make it as much looking as WC3 orig as you can becuase that ui works the best, dont limit spells to 4 or 5 icons, dont cut off the UI on borders of screen, etc

    hyped for WC3R
    Hey Blizzard graphics is good and all just make the game feel like warcraft 3 i'm sure no warcraft 3 2 or 1 fan fell in love because of graphics they fell in love because of the mechanics so please don't make any MAJOR mechanic changes (if you made necromancer make 3 skeletons but lover hp its a balance change in my head) if you change the Food limit to like 200 hundred it won't feel like warcraft 3 anymore if you make large hitboxes larger and small hitboxes smaller it won't feel the same. If you change gold in no upkeep from 10 to 20 it won't feel like it
    and yes weird pathing of units is mostly weird but if you removed that from an instant it won't feel like wacraft3
    So i am asking for you to not make stupid changes and with this remaster to get
    just a prettier shell and some more map making tools.

    AND IF YOU DARE NOT PUT IN OLD BLIZZARD WC3 MAPS well idk then a minimum back lash
    I would like to play the Stratholme Beta (i wasn't at Blizzcon)
    Hello Blizzard!

    I am also thrilled for the remaster.
    I am more of a custom game player than ladder, therefore my suggestions are mainly pointed at custom games.
    - More item slot possibility
    - More ability slot possibility
    - Ability to put more items in a shop
    - Ability to zoom out more
    - Customizable hot keys for units, researches, abilities, etc. (Some map makers forget to change the highlighed letter for hotkeys, or even put multiple hotkeys in use of the same buttons)
    - Ability to select more than 12 units
    - Also thrilled for the rework of the world editor. Please add more possibilites that can be done using world editor (and user friendly settings, customization for certain "hidden effect" of units and items for casuals who like to tinker with world editor).
    - More ability customization of abilities for custom games, for example: with slow poison now we have to select wether to stack poison or stack slow, why cannot both?
    - Option to enable stacking of different abilities and/or items, that doesn't stack now (for example evasion)

    And again these are options for custom games only. Not for profession/ladder games.
    Long time player feedback. I'm more of a purist, prefer as few changes as possible, but here are a couple brief suggestions I've considered for many years:

    Unit Kill Count: There are two purposes for this - I view every competitive game of Warcraft 3 as its own story, I truly believe for a viewer and a player, having a unit kill count fortifies a more rich narrative, breeds excitement, and can be curiously informative. On the last point - informative - it's a useful bit of information for more experienced players, confirming the chase kill during localized intensive moments. I also think the opponent should not be able to view his/her's adversaries kill count, and you should not be able to track friendly denies.

    Funky interactions are a wonderful part of WC3. Like Troll Regen working on Berserkers, or repairing your Lvl 6 Tinker. I think there is room to add some below surface synergies without breaking, damaging, or largely changing core gameplay. Small ideas like Searing Arrows and or Incinerate proccing Drunken Haze damage over time.

    Thanks for reading, I'm sure any concerns I have about graphical readability and UI will be and are being addressed diligently - great game - great news - see yall on the ladder.

    P.S. This is my vote against changing core mechanics (like increased selection groupings) for LADDER games. I imagine it would be a pretty incredible idea to allow for custom and malleable UI in the custom game culture.
    Love what you all are doing WC3 got me into PC gaming and then went on to WOW I still Play all the originals from time to time. The only way I could see things getting even better, but you all always surprise us is make more playable races. Like for every race in WOW like all 9 Races. Not saying get rid of the originals but only for when we finish the campaign like a reward system we love to be rewarded and if we beat it on the hardest difficulty with out cheat codes because we all know some people use them lol Burning Legion should be a playable race then. There is one Hero that I would like to play as that I really liked that you might add him in and that's Medivh, He can be unlock able after beating the game and make him appear in all of Azeroths alters that (Not undead or Burning legion) But since he is the Guardian you know where to put him. Anyway that is just my idea on how to make it better on an already great game! Love you guys!
    What I saw based upon the video of Grubby, I think that some of the animations and graphics as well as U.I. are hit and miss, as others have stated here before, primarily for me at least the indistinctness between all different units, as in the old Warcraft 3 everything was distinct.

    What I would like to see though is an uncap of the 12 limit unit selection as this would be a quality of life improvement. As you are trying to allow this to work with the old Warcraft 3 editions as well, I would suggest that at the beginning of a multiplayer match you check to see which edition is being used, so if the old one is being used continue to use the 12 limit cap, but if the new one is being used, switch to a cap-less format. To me this would keep the game fair, all while adding a nice quality of life addition to the game that doesn't need to affect the gameplay.
    More options when watching Replays (production tab, resources lost, etc)
    11/14/2018 10:08 AMPosted by Kioss
    More options when watching Replays (production tab, resources lost, etc)

    omg yes :)
    I don't know if anyone is still checking this thread, but I have a few comments:

    1) Unit Portraits & Characterisation - This is perhaps my biggest gripe with the build we've been exposed to. In Warcraft 3 Classic, every unit had personality and character - this was expressed largely through an emotive, expressive Unit Portrait, which always corresponded to fantastic voice acting. Elements were exaggerated - the Peon's and Peasant's large, orb eyes made them look stupid, the Goblin Alchemist's feet draped around his Ogre mount made him seem completely in control and uncaring about his unwitting "companion". There were other elements of characterisation in those portraits - Troll creeps were visibly cunning and smug looking, smiling slyly at the player. Grunts grimaced, exposing their teeth. Sometimes, the Sorceress would hover slightly higher in her portrait, centring the camera on her breasts - she would then come down and visibly reprimand the player for "staring" - and the list goes on and on.
    Those little details allowed each unit to feel unique and to have a sort of personality to them - the same applies to Starcraft 2's portraits, to some extent - and I feel that this is severely lacking in the Reforged version that we've been shown. Warcraft 3 has always been full of life and character, and to have a dull camera and a barely animated view of each individual character feels extremely cheap and blank. I sincerely hope that this point is addressed before release.

    2) Terrain / Unit / Building Inconsistency - Based on the screenshots and the gameplay videos we've seen, there is a very big problem related to the contrast between the high-definition models and the outdated environments. This seems to be caused by an overall lack of attention to the modernisation of the environments - a few things that can be done include randomised shrubbery / rocks / small details on the tiles themselves (not as doodads), more advanced terrain tiles (akin to work done in substance painter?), better and more interesting variations of doodads (trees should not be resized clones of eachother, but have unique details such as empty branches, differently coloured leaves, etc), and an easier transition between buildings and doodads and their underlying terrain (trees should have leaves / roots underneath them, buildings should have "splats" similar to those already featured in Classic WC3, but higher definition). These features should be seamlessly integrated into classic Warcraft 3 maps as they don't mess with any existing objects.

    3) Lighting - Warcraft 3's lighting engine is highly outdated. As a matter of fact, it was outdated even when it came out. Ensemble Studios' Age of Mythology managed to create a much better implemented lighting engine around the same time Warcraft 3 came out. To strive for a more modern appearance, something should be done about the lighting. Better shadows, more obvious transition from day to night, without harming the visual clarity (team colour and unit shapes come to mind as potential issues) would be incredible. Moreover, give map developers access to much more powerful lighting options, greatly improving the appearance of custom maps. Lighting dictates a lot in terms of visual fidelity.

    I have full confidence in Blizzard and I know that you guys can pull off another fantastic experience, just as we players remember Warcraft 3 to be. Thank you for doing this. :)
    I think the character box covering the hero's image is still important for the hero.As it differentiates the class that you are using. The characters needs to be cuter as the game is too serious. They should copy it from wow or but with better graphics to be played on wc3 reforged. The whole game looks a bit like age of empire on wc3 system. lol. If they could keep the cuteness of the characters but doing it under the same graphics that wc3 reforged has, then i think this would be perfect.
    More updates should include new races to be perfect.

    Starcraft 2 flaws was mainly on the new race that it didn't provide.

    IF a new race we released, i believe the game would be really fun, fresh and interesting.

    They could just keep all the race units as the same but rebalance their damages and health.

    But with a new race being released at the side, the game would be really interesting with new units against the old units that wc3 used to have. This keeps the game fresh, challenging and unique.

    Most ideas could be easily imported from wow from what i see as everything have been done before but would need to be concise into wc3 reforged.

    It's just the same as how warcraft 2 got into warcraft 3 which the changes was mainly on the new races and graphic improvements with new techs and strategies.

    If all these could be compiled together, the game would be another new version of warcraft 4 and would be successful.

    Input of ideas should be all created by blizzard's tech side and not too much from the audience as too many ideas may cause the game to be messy. It's like what they say, the more cook spoils the soup.
    Probably new items in the shops which will help heroes benefit.

    Like certain potions for specific heroes to be strong and good to abuse.

    And certain items which will benefit certain races in battle.

    I've got problems playing the custom games since the bots got taken out, it freezes up and/or kicks me out the game completely.Is there anything being done about this ?
    A reconnect feature is very much needed!
    My first impressions after watching the gameplay demo, and some suggestions which popped into my mind from nostalgia:

    • Custom games support at least like in SC2 (organized menu system)!
    • Update in-game UI textures to match the new look more, and have different skins based on the race (like in SC2).
    • Make the graphics look a bit more cartoony for the real WC3 feel, maybe add an outline to units or more vibrant coloring.
    • The facial animations in cutscenes didn't seem to match the voice acting for me somehow.
    • A reward system would be great where you can get portraits and such by just playing (...just like in SC2).
    i think they should replace the moderators on the warcraft 3 forums, as those banned me for no reason.

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