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Under the old developer portal, the login was independent of the regular Blizzard login, so I had the user ID set to Warcraft Mounts and not my own. This makes sense, as the stewardship of the site might change in the future and site-specific client info should not be attached to my personal Blizzard account.

Under the new system it looks like I can't do this and can only log in and create Client into with a regular Blizzard account. Is this correct?
What's stopping you from creating a Blizzard account for Warcraft Mounts?
11/21/2018 06:25 AMPosted by erorus
What's stopping you from creating a Blizzard account for Warcraft Mounts?

I tried that but it's unfortunately not possible as far as I can see, because it requires you to have an authenticator on your account to use the Developer Portal. I only own one phone and the authenticator for that is used for my main account. And as far as I can tell the authenticator is restricted to one account. :/

I could buy a physical authenticator just for the dev account, I guess.
Oh right, the authenticator, yeah I keep forgetting about that. I think your options are either to buy a physical authenticator, run an authenticator on a separate spare phone, or run an app that emulates the authenticator in code.

I haven't personally tried this one, but it may work well for you:
I've used blue stacks ( to play Android games on my PC, so I would imagine the blizz authenticator app might work on it as well.

You can also use SMS protect (sends authenticator code as a text message to your cell phone).
Thanks folks :) I may just link it to my personal account after all, since the obstacles of switching it to someone else at some point really aren't much better or worse than having to switch an authenticator to someone else in the future.

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