The downloaded replays have no tracker events

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Hi, everyone!

I'm trying to learn macro decisions from replays in sc2. In order to get the amount of info I need I expect to use the replay download api given in s2protocol here:

The thing is: some info is missing from these files: when you use s2protocol (and mpyq) on a regular replay you get '', 'replay.details', 'replay.details.backup', '', 'replay.gamemetadata.json', 'replay.initData', 'replay.initData.backup', '', '', '', 'replay.server.battlelobby', '', '', 'replay.sync.history', ''
but when I parsed a couple of replays from the ones downloaded using the API I only got ['', 'replay.details.backup', '', 'replay.gamemetadata.json', 'replay.initData.backup', '']
As you can see, tracker events are missing. Is there a way to download replays from a specific game version WITH tracker events?

Bump? Me and a lot of other people are having this issue, and I have found nobody that knows how to get data from these replays, such as UnitBorn events. We are having a technical discussion at

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