Localization bug in new /sc2/static/profile endpoint

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I have found a bug here: This new endpoint seems to ignore the :locale parameter.
For example, if I use locale de_DE, I still get the English descriptions for all achievements:

HTTP GET https://eu.api.blizzard.com/sc2/static/profile/1?:locale=de_DE&access_token=xxx

returns (shortened):
"achievements": [{
"categoryId": "4371481",
"chainAchievementIds": [
"chainRewardSize": 1,
"criteriaIds": [
"description": "Purchase the Mecha Viking skin from the Collection.",
"flags": 2,
"id": "91475332181198",
"imageUrl": "https://static.starcraft2.com/starport/3defb684-0923-412c-91d6-269d91e10f19/achievements/31-0.jpg",
"isChained": false,
"points": 0,
"title": "Mecha Viking",
"uiOrderHint": 8
Hey JavaFrog,

You'll want to change :locale to locale.

For example:


Hopefully this helps!

Oh, thanks a lot, could have tried this myself...
Still, you might want to update your API docs, as they suggest the leading colon is required and the example requests fire it up as well.
yeah, I can confirm that the "Try it" feature for all of the SC2 "Profile API" endpoints add ":" to the locale parameter.

Also, I noticed the "Try It' feature for the other SC2 APIs and endpoints don't even provide a input field for the user to enter locale.

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