Acquiring media (icon) files en masse

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When consuming assets linked in media documents, developers are strongly encouraged to store copies of these resources on their own servers or other storage locations rather than hot-linking directly to Blizzard resources.

Okay, I'm happy to do that, but how?

The game holds about 20000 icons, sure, I won't need them all. But I want about 4000 - 5000 icons for what I want to do.

So do I write some loops and download each file on to my server?
Is there a media/icon pack to download?
Can I access them via the game files directly?
Or indirectly with software?

The fel eggs and ham icon is missing for the 36px & 56px version

p.p.s. what other scales are there apart from 36 & 56?
or extract your own from the wow game

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