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I'm trying to retrieve the list of the characters of a connected user, using the new API. I've followed to OAuth workflow and managed to retrieve working access tokens, and successfully tested my access token on /oauth/userinfo endpoint (I was able to retrieve user information).
But unfortunately, GET https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/user/characters?access_token=XXX returns :
"code": 403,
"type": "Forbidden",
"detail": "Account Inactive"

Can you confirm me that for this endpoint no Authorization header is necessary, it's all about the "access_token" query parameter ?
Also, I tried with and without Accept: application/json header but it hasn't solved my issue.

I was not able to try endpoints in API documentation because us.api.battle.net URL seems hardcoded and I use a EU account, I'm getting a 401 Unauthorized.

It's my very first steps with Battle.net API so I'll appreciate any help,

Thank you :)
I found the new URL in another forum post, please update documentation !

GET https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/user/characters
Thanks for that reply. That actually helped me too!
It looks like you tried to pass the access token in the URL of an old API endpoint. It's a pretty common mistake, but if you read the docs, you'll find that the new endpoints are documented here:

https://develop.battle.net/documentation/guides/migration-guide (see constructing a URI).

and here:

https://develop.battle.net/documentation/guides/regionality-partitions-and-localization (see Region Host List)

And for those that want something shorter/simpler, erorus put this guide together:

@Dawg6: FYI The documentation is inconsistent and incorrect.
  • This page, for example, incorrectly lists "{region}.api.battle.net" for /wow/user/characters:
  • This page incorrectly lists "{region}.battle.net" for /wow/user/characters:
    * Note: The following OAuth APIs use a different host name in their URIs:

    GET /oauth/userinfo
    GET /wow/user/characters

    For these requests, use the following format:

    {region}.battle.net/{API path}
  • This page incorrectly lists "{region}.battle.net" for /wow/user/characters:

The correct answer is, of course, {region}.api.blizzard.com which I could not find linked to /wow/user/characters on any page in their documentation.
Yeah, so it looks like they updated the "Guides" portion but not the "API reference" portion of the docs.

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