Chinese API can't use mobile authenticator

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I have a Chinese account and I'd like to use it to connect to the api, but it requires an authenticator to use.

1. Why do developers have to jump through so many hoops just to get api data for our users?

2. How can I get the mobile authenticator to work? It loads (have to use a second phone for the Chinese version of the authenticator app because you can't install both at once), but every time I try and log in it says "Invalid credentials". Is it trying to log into the US region since my phone is in the US? The language in the app is all Chinese so it looks like it's working correctly until I try and log in to set up the authenticator.
The way I attached a Chinese mobile authenticator was to log in to with my Chinese account, and go through the steps in account settings to add a new Chinese mobile authenticator (serial number starting CN-). It sounds like you're logging into the authenticator app itself with your chinese account?
Yes I was. Only after I changed my password and hopped on a chinese vpn AND THEN disconnected from the vpn AND waited 10 minutes did the login work. Seemingly arbitrary. I have no idea what was happening because I was sitting on my phone trying to login and getting "invalid login" then I'd look at my computer and type in the same login and get in with no problem.

Anyways its working now. We still shouldn't have to use two phones just to use the api.

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