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10/30/2018 02:43 PMPosted by Swan
10/28/2018 04:13 PMPosted by Mirar

now imagine when evryone can host, thousands of lobbys with only 1 Person in there, i dont wanna say it is wrong that evryone can host, but it wont make games filling faster.
a system like in dota 2 would be nice, where you join a lobby of the map you want to Play instead of open a new one

This didn't happen in the old days before bots. And this can still happen today with bots, plus bots that are hosting no person lobbies. It is almost impossible for it to be worse with the new patch than it is now.

It's just a down-vote brigade. The Warcraft 3 online community was vastly superior prior to hosting bots (port forwarding isn't hard) but they don't want to hear it. I got a -7 on my post above because I was excited that Blizzard is finally doing something about the poor behavior of the hosting bot community. It's about time Blizzard pulls the reigns in. Most of the Hive Workshop community supports this update, the ones that don't are the ENT community and perhaps a few vocal others.
i am a part of the hive workshop but not ENT. the bots had no effect on me with the exception of one: people generally assumed me to be a bot. that meant that i got no respect for hosting.
10/08/2018 03:09 PMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Maps will now be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud

Will custom campaigns be uploaded in the cloud as well?

They have abandoned the topic.
10/31/2018 01:48 AMPosted by Marcraft22
10/08/2018 03:09 PMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Maps will now be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud

Will custom campaigns be uploaded in the cloud as well?

He only means Custom Maps, the other ones from Blizzard are locally on your PC...
It only affect Multiplayer Maps so SP Custom Campaigns wont be uploaded.
Some bugs noticed in the latest patch (1.30.1) not shown in the fix log for this upcoming patch:

Custom .mp3 sounds (mono or stereo) appear to quit working as maps progress, specifically through each cinematic conclusion in the map.

Hero/Unit glow appears to be stuck permanently on, even if selected & triggered to be color black / removed. This is annoying when one wishes for these glows to not show in their map.
Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

Bug Fixes
  • Mac clients can now join games hosted by Windows clients
  • Arranged teams invitations working
  • Client identifies Reign of Chaos for stats properly
  • Fixed icons in chat
  • Improved message when creating accounts that already exist
  • Improved message for login errors
  • Fixed crash when canceling map download
  • Fixed crash when joining full game

Known Issues
  • Client slows down if left open for multiple hours
  • Custom games can end when host leaves

In Progress Features
  • Kick and ban functions for game lobbies
  • Display player latency in the game lobbies
  • Evaluating how to gracefully handle count down experience when players leave
  • Evaluating experience when players drop due to network issues

Custom sounds (specifically multiple imported Mp3 files for custom sounds or music, or ones that do not have the ability to have a 3d-effect) at first, for a while, work in maps placed in, but eventually stop triggering as time progresses, especially after cinematics too (but not just after cinematics). Custom mp3 music triggered to loop also ceases after an alloted gameplay time. They worked in previous versions flawlessly, however. I suspect a bug in the FMOD sound engine, but that is just a theory. This is the most important bug I've noticed, and have seen related posts of the same thing regarding 'custom sounds failing to play'.

Hero glows & unit glows, of which have been turned off in the editor, now re-appear. This is not as crucial as the above bug, but is still something to point out.

Of less importance: Here is an old glitch that crashes the game: The base skill "summon misha" - when used a lot, and always when a lot of time has passed - it will crash the game randomly when casted (and the misha unit does not appear), and usually to players whose view range is near the caster when the summon misha is casted crash as well. It may have something to do with multiple heroes on the map who also have this same base skill (one of which has two "summon misha" skills, as I want both to be cast at same time - this setup never causes a crash, however).
its 1. November
When will this patch go live?
who knows. i think blizzard should post in this topic to let people know how they are moving with the project(this patch).
blizzard: ........ we dont know our selfs xD
relax, blizzard have limited resources. with blizzcon around the corner, they have to prepare for that. after blizzcon they will likely have the resources to work on this.
For me current team responsible for balance, should start with tetris. And employ people like me to balance wc3.
now you cant buy wc3 nice can some one explain why ?????? BLIZZZARD ???!!!!!!!!
And there goes old Warcraft 3, make way for reforged!
Nice, keep on pushing this blizzard, this is an epic win :).
with warcraft 3 reforged, the original version is bound to go out of print.

I saw your speech during the opening ceremonies. I can tell you have an amazing passion for the game. I feel the same way. War3 definitely has definitely had a huge impact on my life.

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