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My character; Prodigies, has been having a problem with updating information. Quite recently I've been logging out and in numerous of times hoping for it to fix itself. What I've recognized at the moment from WoW Armory site my PvP Rating/Talents has not been working properly. Other websites "WoWProgress/ Raider.IO" specifically can't update my character properly 'at all'. I was directed to tell my issue here from the WoWProgress Administrator to try give information to the wow devs here..

I remember an instance on WoWProgress where I changed to restoration for the time being and had logged off that night, not caring to change myself back to Balance specialization. Once I reconsidered using WoWProgress after a few days, I would try to update my character information on WoWProgress with all simple requirements to do so which is just logging out in the desired character information then waiting momentarily and update. I checked WoW Armory and I saw it was the character information I wanted but WoWProgress was simply not changing my gear/ specialization properly.

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