[wc3] new mmr is killing Random Team gamers

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Especially 4v4, since i am a 4v4 player myself i knew that after i was reaching a certain level i didn't have to deal with leavers, teamkillers or trolls anymore. I was telling the people trolling in the game at lvl 20 that i won't see them again if i advance 4-5 more levels and it was true. I was not going to play with or against them ever again in the same season. All the 4v4 games after reaching level 30 were long beautiful games..
truth Leavers and fake AFKERS need to be dealt with... To me there has to be an easy fix to this?? perhaps a vote kick option??
Yes the actual mm is totaly broken , meeting the same afk/ leaver in 1h isnt fun at all & after meeting them 3times in row the rage is real cos losing those game isnt a thing but dont having a actual game who everyone plays is ...
Also keep in mind in solo are player wich are under average or even coming back to the game those player have a super hard time since they constantly playing top 100 players or other player way above there actual skill lvl ... i was told by a clan member of me he has 1 even enemy out of 15 games ...
Yes,I agree. Teamkillers have actually managed to get wins from hardcore teammates by griefing (see DancingPeons or TheWalkingTree on Northrend), while they actually deserve a ban. Some sort of 'report' functionality for such people would be very nice.
10/29/2018 01:15 AMPosted by Ledgic
truth Leavers and fake AFKERS need to be dealt with... To me there has to be an easy fix to this?? perhaps a vote kick option??

no just fix the match making but they wont they already said they would just improve their current one which would result in lesser miserable games only.
It's not the matchmaking problem. You should be able to play games normally despite of low level on ladder. Players like these must be banned. Blizzard should incorporate some kind of reporting system for War3.
They purposefully changed the matchmaking to this socialist garbage. Like in overwatch, better players will be expected to carry absolutely garbage NPC-tier players because it's in their definition of "fair play"
Matchmaking should use groups of players with similar skill level for both teams.
Having a high level should give the privilege of NOT meeting potential afks, teamkillers and/or trolls. (otherwise levels are meaningless)
The matchmaking is less than optimal, but it was necessary to let people play the game. I couldn't find anything after 30~ games personally.

The issue isn't the matchmaking, we need something to counter the griefers. A report system at the very least and penalties for griefing/leaving/stabbing/etc

As far as the matchmaking goes, i'm sure we'll get crossrealm matchmaking eventually (Custom games will be crossrealm as of next patch). They'll be able to restrict the match range a little bit and offer better matchmaking quality.
Back in May when they implemented the new MMR, Blizzard said that it was just a stopgap measure and that they were working on a new model. I hope it comes out soon.

I'm part of the crowd with thousands of games and used to be level 30+. Finding games took hours prior to the May patch, but at least they were good quality. It's hard to admit, but the current model of having to carry terrible players is even worse. I quit playing 4s rt after about a month of the new system.

I understand that mmr is a delicate balance and is even more difficult to handle with a small player base. I hope the Blizz team can work out a solution that involved global matchmaking (all servers) and a simple system for banning blatant tk'ers.

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