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We are aware of ongoing timeouts in the WoW Community APIs. We are looking into the issue, but have no estimate at this time of when it will be fixed. Thank you for your patience!
Where can we check for status updates/know when it gets resolved?
Does this have anything to do with the "nok" errors I've been getting as well? It seems I'm only able to pull character data from my own account.

{"status":"nok", "reason": "Character unavailable"}
I switched back to the "old" endpoint but the problem exists there, too.
Please fix it.
All API Endpoints are down. Any update on progress? You know, out of all the endpoints my app references, Blizzards are the most unreliable. It should not be that way. Have you considered testing your "updates" on a mirrored server before you run them live?
All endpoints seem to be functioning properly at this time. Thanks for the quick work.
I was wrong, Seems hit and miss. for a bit there all was fine but now all endpoints are back to not working.
Nothing works. Not even .eu region is up.
Seems to be fixed since 21:10 (german time).
Getting "downstream error"
10/24/2018 05:06 PMPosted by Cyclone
Getting "downstream error"

Me too, for many hours. About 15 minutes ago, a few requests went through normally, but now I'm back to repeated "downstream error".
503 Errors on API's again. Is this what I should expect. API failure every 2 to 3 weeks? I have trouble believing Blizzard is this inept, so it is that you just don't care?
This is still ongoing. Character updates from Armory data aren't possible. This seems to be becoming a regular occurrence.
Haven't you heard? Their best devs are on mobile:P

It's rather hit or miss also today.

One site/key is perfectly fine and another site/key is completely shut out.

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