app keeps disconnecting and reconnecting and I've tried everything to fix it

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Blizzard app keeps disconnecting and reconnecting not allowing anything to be done. I log in and then just constant reconnects/disconnects. I've tried the to do what a few other posts said to do with no help. tried first disabling the killer control then tried a fresh install with no success. also tried to install the app on my ssd drive as well as my hdd with no success. please help as i cannot even download a game at this point to try and play and cannot check my messages either. TIA for any help
Same problem I've had but it's only in the nights for some reason. The game works fine in the day and then has that disconnect/reconnect thing after 6 or so... Wtf? I have legit tried everything like uninstalling client and Destiny 2 MULTIPLE TIMES, resetting/reinstallkng my network drivers, refreshing my computer etc. This is such a frustrating issue man jeez
same problem here ;(
I've been battling with this for a good couple of months now but it got so much worse this week - it used to stop disconnecting after about ten minutes or so, the past few days it's refused to connect at all.

I did some more hunting for forum posts and found a couple saying that if you've got Smartbyte installed that uninstalling them and restarting the computer solves it - and I can vouch that it worked for me :) Hope that helps you guys too
Jellybee, You've just saved my life. This crap has been driving me absolutely crazy for 3 days and I didn't have to uninstall, I just deactivated the program but thanks!

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