This documentation needs a lot of work...

API Discussion
There are so many URLs in the docs that it's hard to keep track of them all and then when you go to use some of them they simply don't work. Even when using the "Try it out" button! Specifically the Chinese OAuth API.

When doing this I get "0 Unknown Error". A lot of good that error message does... I don't even know if I'm doing something wrong (like using the wrong url), or the api is down.

And is it just me or has the API been changing (serious)?
the api has been changing, are you using the new site? there has been a lot that has changed and i think more is still coming. So as you run into errors its great that you post them, just make sure you are giving all the information you can to be helpful.
There are definitely some errors/inconsistency in the docs.

For example, in it lists the host for the CN region as but in it lists the host for the CN region as I can confirm that the former works, but I wasn't able to get the latter to work last time I tried it (a few days) ago.
Thanks is working. I saw this url, but didn't know if it meant you were supposed to replace "gateway" with something else (like "api") and that was confusing too.

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