Warcraft 3 disconnected from 1v1 and customs

after patch i can't play games in warcraft 3 because or i cant find 1v1, or if i find it i will be disconnected with a strange visual bug, all image of the ui positionate strange, or in 9/10 customs i cant play because the game end immediatly with the statistics of the game...
sorry for bad english but the problem is big and i cant do in other way..
same problem
Yeah, endless disconnects on my end as well. Same thing: screen freezes, "attempting to reconnect" window pops up, then 45 seconds later it says "you have been disconnected" and the avatar of whatever unit/hero I had selected becomes distorted and stretches horizontally across the screen. My wifi is fine, my download speed rarely drops below 8 mb/s, and when I disconnect from games like this I never disconnect from the battle.net client (I just reappear in my clan chat channel, perfectly able to send/receive messages, as if nothing happened) which essentially confirms that the bug is not caused by a connectivity issue on my end. This started happening about a month ago, but I get the sense that it's gotten worse since the latest patch. And really: it happens all the time; one in three games is a very safe guess. I've uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail; the issue persists. Please help!
Oh, and I suppose I should make this clear: I only play 1v1
Who are we kidding, blizzard dont care about us WC3 players
same is happening to me
same here
yep same for me, europe server. no matter what u play i dc randomly. either right at the start or after some minutes.
Same here. Many disconnects on 1v1 ladder games with screen freeze. From time to time it goes well but usually not:(
f!@#ing bump, come on man. Let's look into this one blizzard. We're not able to play the game we gave you money for

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