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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is currently any way of knowing whether a pet is caught in the wild or not?

It would be cool to be able to make that distinction from the API. Maybe a "source" field would work too?
Technically all pets are "Wild Pets" but additionally you could data-mine this by using the "source" returned in the API. Anything without a source or anything that is obtained via a Vendor, Profession, or has a cost of Gold can be ignored from the master-pet list, leaving only those pets caught in the wild.
That would work... if there was a "source" field returned in the API. To my knowledge there is none.

Something *very* useful would be to include the source item (the item that you use to learn the pet) when there is one.
There is a source field for pets returned by the API, so far I've found it to list the following information.


Hmm there was a few other values in there as well but those ones were just off the top of my head that I could remember. They store them as a string value seperated by "\n\n" (new lines).
Where is that though? I can't find anything like that in the pet master list.
12/04/2018 05:41 AMPosted by seirl
Where is that though? I can't find anything like that in the pet master list.

When looking at the master pet list find the code that looks like this for each pet
"stats": {
"speciesId": 1927,
"breedId": 3,
"petQualityId": 1,
"level": 1,
"health": 147,
"power": 10,
"speed": 9

Copy the speciesId, in this case it's 1927, dump that ID into the Species Pet API (/wow/pet/species/:speciesID) and you'll get something that looks like this
"speciesId": 1927,
"petTypeId": 7,
"creatureId": 17254,
"name": "Ash'ana",
"canBattle": true,
"icon": "ability_mount_whitetiger",
"description": "One of Ash'alah's litter, entrusted to you by the Dreamweavers.",
"source": "Vendor: Sylvia Hartshorn\n\nZone: Val'sharah\n\nFaction: Dreamweavers - Revered\n\nCost: 500TINTERFACE\\MONEYFRAME\\UI-GOLDICON.BLP:0",

As you can see there is a "source" paramater in the JSON data that has information relating to the acquisition of the pet.

From what I've found the Pet Species ID maps directly to the Creature ID in the Master list, yes the values are different but it seems that each Creature (Pet) is directly linked to one single Species.

I'm assuming that once upon a time Blizzard was probably going to expand upon the pet system but never got around to it and maybe in the future we'll see many different pets belonging to one Species but for right now that isn't the case, right now Each Pet is linked to one specific Species so the source parameter for now provides you with where to acquire each specific pet from the master pet list.

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