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d3 can get user profile from battle tag but, starcarft 2 need profileId. profileID need authorization id, and I can know only authorization id. is there no api for search starcraft 2 from battle tag?
AFAIK, the only way to get the SC2 profile id is from the account id. Using OAuth authorization_code flow, you can get the account id for a user, but there's no way to get an account id from a battle tag directly, like you can for D3.
From what I understand each game has its own method which makes each game's character access unique, it would make sense to consolidate this but you may be a very old person by the time this happens.
In conclusion, there is no way to get SC2 profile of other people who dont have account id?
Well, you can get the profile id of the folks on the ladders, but not from their battle tag.
really the only thing you wont have is the 'realmId' which is normally 1 but can be 2 sometimes so programmatically its not terrible. but if you were hoping for some sort of user search by battle tag thats not readily doable.

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