Battle.NET memory leak during Destiny2 download

Bug Report
Using Windows 10 64xbit installed on a 128GB SSD, installed app on 1TB HDD drive as well as the game.
After the download starts, TOTAL memory consumption slowly goes up. I have 16GB RAM, and if I leave the game downloading alone, my PC crashes after every 10GB downloaded.
Note that the memory doesn't seem to be allocated do Battle.Net when checked on Task Manager, so I suspect the problem to be more of a incompatibility between the app and windows, something must be stopping temporary memory packets to be freed correctly. More of a bug report than me requesting assistance, since I can finish the donwload after restarting 4 times easily ;p Just did'nt know where to write this. Thx
I don't think the download would be getting allocated to RAM, that would be a bit weird. Even for temporary file downloads they go to the drive.
I'm having the exact same problem. It is also happening while downloading Destiny 2.
I'm also having this issue. Both with Destiny and Black Ops during the downloads. Below I was downloading Destiny 2. As long as I don't use the client I don't run into this issue. I've let my computer run for 2+ months prior to using without the need to restart while maintaining my Memory Usage below 30%. This is definitely pointing to a issue with the client.

Screenshot Of Resource Manager Just Prior To A Crash:

Screenshot Of Task Manager:

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