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Please add Overwatch to the API list, maybe also StarCraft Remastered :)

I would like to see some statistics based on the played games, could be the ones shown when you hit tab in the game. E.g. how much did you heal, blocking damage, or medals.
It may only be for the last week or month, it would just be nice to have access some information. Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, has API endpoints, why not Overwatch?

I also would love to know if there are any Overwatch API plans?

I think having access to contenders and Overwatch League schedule API's would be nice to have too, are there any plans for that?
Guys, we've been asking for overwatch API for years now. It's clear they aren't interested in what *WE* want from their game (an API), so we can continue to just scrape their website for data. ~shrug~ I mean, what else do they expect us to do? We're hungry for data.

Also, there's already an overwatch league API, it's not documented officially, but through some prodding some of us have made some rudimentary documentation on it. If you search the forum you'll find it. Or my post history.
This continues my decline in support and liking for Blizzard...…

Thanks for the short answers to a simple problem.

there's an overwatch league API: https://api.overwatchleague.com/
and an npm package https://www.npmjs.com/package/overwatchleague
+1. Currently the only way to check what brawl is currently playing is by launching the game.

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