Warcraft 3 not loading?

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Hi, I am getting an error titled "2641FB54-3F12-4401-83B1-15B8C861DE52" and it says it can't start as a result. Anybody else having this issue? Thanks
It was recently posted that using your computer's default sound device (or drivers) might help with this issue. Connecting headphones sometimes works.



I've updated all my drives and it still isn't loading? I can't even uninstall and reinstall because it says the blizzard app is required to do that, but I cant find it in the blizzard app? This is frustrating. I've been playing Warcraft 3 consistently for months now with no issue. I don't understand?
this is not the warcraft 3 forum. i am however banned from there for no reason and as such i will try to help you. you might need to install the blizzard app.

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