D2 Non Ladder Chars got deleted?

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Just noticed that some of my non ladder chars got deleted silently.
I'm sure that I checked that before reset, indeed I didn't touch them in the last 10 days, but IIRC normally they would just work fine if nobody takes your name.

I'm aware that there was a server upgrade on 04.Jan, but are they also purging non active chars, or am I missing something?

I remember there was a purge some months ago where Blizz did publish an announcement explicitly saying that all nonactive chars would be purged. But I don't see such things this time.

Any help would be appreciated !
bliz is known to delete characsters ad accounts

i lost about 10 mule accounts over the past few months that were active and permed and sometimes characters just get deleted. It could be that the names violated tos or bliz is bad at there jobs.
I can a have is might to reunion your deleting chars. :)
01/07/2019 09:54 AMPosted by Roma
I can a have is might to reunion your deleting chars. :)

we all know the reptilians are behind this cover up and are hiding free energy and attacking d2 players by deleting characters before they expire
Yes yes german and french and all other stupid world very like me. :O

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