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Greetings Developers!

As previously mentioned, we’ve been hard at work adding Mythic Keystone Dungeon information to character profiles (a.k.a. Armory) and exposing this data to community developers via the World of Warcraft Game Data and World of Warcaft Profile APIs. With World of Warcraft Patch 8.1, Tides of Vengeance, we are pleased to announce that these updates are now live.

With this update, we've added data for the seasonal best run for each dungeon, including the seasonal best within qualifying time and seasonal best by Keystone level. We’re also adding new statically and dynamically namespaced documents that describe Mythic Keystone Profile Seasons, Dungeons, and other related documents including Mythic Keystone Affixes, Character Specializations, and more!

For specific details about new API methods, visit the API Reference pages for the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs and the World of Warcraft Profile APIs.

Please note the following:

  • Links to base character documents via /wow/profile/character/{realmSlug}/{nameSlug} from the WoW Mythic Keystone Character Profile APIs remain privately scoped.
  • Several endpoints listed in our initial "In Development" post will not be made available at this time. These endpoints include /spell, /talent, /pvp-talent, and other related documents. Please refer to the API reference documentation for a complete list of available endpoints and methods.
Thank you Maguthul! This is excellent :)

We're excited to work with it.
Awesome update dev team, looking forward to looking at data.
This is fantastic!

I'd like to discuss what's considered a "best" run.

I've done a temple 4 (under by 30%) and a temple 10 depleted (over by 10%)

The best run listed for me is Temple 4, whereas i'd consider the 10 the best result, even if it was a "failure" - it's still a completion, and it's by far the more challenging of the runs. I'd like others to know about my 10 failure over my 4 success, since it shows experience at that level.
I noticed you changed the urls of existing game data endpoints as well

e.g. the connected realm index endpoint:



They both still work, but will the old one be deprecated?
Another thing I noticed so far is that there are two identical endpoints listed in the game data api which are identical in url and response

GET - /data/wow/keystone-affix/{id}

GET - /data/wow/keystone-affix/{keystoneAffixId}

Is this intentional or is this a bug?
Greetings lockwooddev,

Your correct in noticing that we've updated some of the documentation for various index documents and methods to now include the `/index` suffix.

For the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs and Profile APIs we have historically aliased the `/index` route to `/`, as they are equivalent. For the purposes of the documentation, we have decided to always reference the `/index` routes where possible.

We do not have any announcements to share related to deprecating the `/` aliases at this time.

You are also correct in that it appears that we have incorrectly documented the getMythicKeystoneDungeon method under the Mythic Keystone Affix API. We'll look at updating the documentation appropriately.

In the mean-time, you can consume the getMythicKeystoneDungeon and getMythicKeystoneDungeonIndex endpoints as such:



These endpoints are also included under the Mythic Keystone Dungeon API on the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs reference page.
Thanks Maguthul, that clears things up :)
We've released a update to the developer portal which has applied the above mentioned changes to the documentation.

Thanks, and let us know if you have any other feedback!
why i always get an error 404 when using getCharacterMythicKeystoneProfile?{my token}

i hope that right request?

The documentation for the characterName portion of the URL is described as "The lowercase name of the character".

Try lower-casing the character name before you make the request.{my token}
huh - thank you

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