[All] Server Upgrade January 4th @ 1000 PST

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...still down? I go back to work on monday, this sucks.
01/03/2019 05:26 PMPosted by manuti

When will you be fixing the chat channels? isn't it a lot better that users join same channels instead of W3 en-1, W3 en-28, w3 en-27.. everyone being separated, not good for the game, especially for the new people.

Thank you.

Also fix arranged teams.

YES, that is a GREAT idea, everybody should first go to one chat room when they login, then when that gets full, another chat room, and so on. If they choose another chat room from there, then that is their choice.
I cant login , it shows up a message to enter a cdkey or verify with my battlenet account, after loging in with battlenet it shows me warcraft 3 need an update ?!?!
D2.... I logged in, changed char and got booted. stuck on checking version, ffs.
01/05/2019 03:27 AMPosted by Xradas
...still down? I go back to work on monday, this sucks.

Is the server still down?
Is that why my battle.net button on WC3 is grey?
Was hoping bots would be banned.. ruins the game...
Servers down like for 3 Days now any one knows then they get back op ?
01/07/2019 08:11 AMPosted by Ottoblom
Servers down like for 3 Days now any one knows then they get back op ?

Because the servers are down, is that why the BattleNet button is grey when I load up WC3 and I cannot click the button?
we still need bot counter for D2 I think getting less desyncs now which makes the game much better but bots are still ruining ladder and game in a lot of ways
could you try prepare for next season bot free for whole duration?
(currently avoiding trading, 100% neglect pvp, play less coop, because of bots, and ladder contest is rigged. game difficulty likely very reduced accross the board because of bots)
its quite off putting expect to leave again soon and hope to find the game in a suitable legit ladder environment again one day
[/quote]How would a non runied ladder look like?[/quote]

no bots and active games me wanting to farm items with my friends without bots droping the items i worked so hard to get for free in games
01/03/2019 05:07 PMPosted by Mark Chandler
Hi All,

We will be upgrading the servers for Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft at 10am PST on Friday. Expected down time is 1 hour.

Changes (For Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3):
  • Added new chat command /verify-tw to allow Taiwan citizens to extend default lifetime of their accounts to a year to accommodate new legal legislation in Taiwan (Note: Valid Taiwan Battle.net account required to complete verification)
  • Added email notifications 15 days before account or character expiration

Classic Games

My Battle.net button is grey....
How long will it take for you to fix the arranged team so that everybody can invite without portforwarding or some other hassle..?
Will you guys be adding aus or oceaina servers? It's not to bad to play with 300+ ping but it just limits what games I can play well.....

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