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If you want to mule all your gear that you sell on jsp and to black market websites for real money, level characters into each difficulty. My ideas are another row of nails in the pvp coffin. Only item sellers “need” a lot of mules.
My Barb gets much pleasure in going back to easier difficulties to help new and weaker players that really do need help. Met some very nice people who have not had the chance to devote themselves to their chair as Beartribe the Lame.

In the end the suggestions (while -29 down voted and counting) like this are perfect examples of player fantasy and acceptable things to WANT... the reality is the game development for this game at this point in history is probably not going to happen....
01/08/2019 05:18 PMPosted by AtomicPunk
The game is only alive and active via the ladder. Blizzard doesnt reset the ladder for duelers. They do nothing for duelers, in fact, most of what they have done is to hinder the dueling community.

Allowing to botting (lvling and gearing top end eq), hacking (auto aim mods, AutoHK/keyb macros, map hack, overall tmc) is more than enough for PvP scene.

01/08/2019 05:18 PMPosted by AtomicPunk
You are all duelers who don’t play the game

Game is old and dead, PvP and maybe first Dia/Baal kill after reset is one interesting thing in this game.
The ladder game isn’t dead, pvp is.

Only experience parasites rush weak players who don’t know how to play the game. These rushers prevent players from learning how to build characters, learning how to find items, learning how to make low and mid rune words, learning how to use cube recipies. Then when these players get their characters into hell they are completely useless and can’t get their own wps, can’t get their own quests and can’t pass ancients on their own. After someone else does their ancients these players then spend the rest of their game experience jumping in tps at chaos and throne just to follow behind leeching experience and picking up scraps. People who teach other players this system, are the very same types of players and its all they know.
Everyone who down voted this don’t actually play the game. All they play is the rush me, jsp fools gold, pvp, bot, hack, dupe, hybrid, black market sales, cheater game.

Lol, their vote means nothing other than demographics to Blizzard.
Your fault is that you instantly put people in a certain corner, everyone who doesn't agree with your opinion.
There are also legit pvp communities.
At the end it is blizzards fault to be unable to ban the hacks the public pvper use. Ban them a few times and they will give up.
When remasting Starcraft, Blizzard went to Korea and listened to what they wanted in a remaster. They went to Korea because that is where the good players were. The ones whom didn’t cheat and were legitimately great at the game via hard work. :)

Warcraft 3 Reforged, Blizzard listened to what the legits want and the result is Blizzard has destroyed the botting sites whom had control of the game. Now War3 is only played by legit players. :)

After Reforge is released, Blizzard will focus all their attention and resources on D2 and all you cheaters will be completely eliminated from the battle.net servers.

So troll me all you want. You’ve never had any real affect on me and you never will, and I’m about to get what I’ve been wanting for years. Many who are first shall be last, and the few who are last, shall be first. In the end, Endugu, BearTribe, AtomicPunk wins, and you all know it and that’s why you all gang up on me, bully me and are so toxic in these forums. :)
You insult me here even though i didn't do anything to you, i just said that PvP is part of the game. You don't agree with that, that's your opinion, fine. Still no reason to randomly attack people.
Take your pills and calm down.

Blizzard can ban all cheaters, hackers, dupers and whatever, though there will still be a PvP scene, get the fact.
01/09/2019 07:14 AMPosted by AtomicPunk
After Reforge is released, Blizzard will focus all their attention and resources on D2 and all you cheaters will be completely eliminated from the battle.net servers.

If they want to kill/minimalize botters so hackers, resellers and black market they must do some things:
- add 3-5sec cast delay for totall imba OP Teleport so bots no longer can ez skipp 99% of the content to get best, also it would refresh PvP to be like in glorious 1.09 and kill old concrete PvP scene and their tmc/script abusers.

- increase difficulty on Hell mode (a lot faster and stronger mobs, more mobs, -200@?! -%dr!?) to be very hard for auto scripts, one wrong cd tele = dead

- increase drop rates drastically to be like D3 or even better, so every1 could ez farm top end gear w/o bots; game difficulty should be hard even for top geared chars so game will be challenging like before imba 1.10 ;/

MID GAME should for top end gear farm and PvP , while END GAME for PvE purists for achievements and cosmetic awards.

Diablo II is too outdated so imo i they want to bring new comers they must add QoL, make gameplay a lot faster and add new desirable items like Enigma or game will die very fast like Starcraft Remastered (even if SC had big Pro scene in the past).

My opinion.
Rushing a seasoned player is not the same as rushing a noob..

There are legitimate players who make a profit from rushing.. it’s easy runes for fun play. No one is ever expected to play at the same level or be awesome. Not nearly as awesome as ManchildBear...

If you experience a horrible player and it hurts you personally then by all means leave that game. If bad players suddenly join your game don’t freak out just be kind. Kindness is free and so are the rules for playing this game.
Truth be told, i’d much rather be trolled by you bunch of low self esteemed cheaters than be surrounded by a forum full of sycophants.
the brain dead do what the brain dead are wont to do.

as a big fan of D2, AtomicPunk i can appreciate your dedication and suggestions, but i dont agree with your claim that pvp is not part of the game. i understand your position, but everything being equal EULA-wise, i think the thrill of killing players exceeds the thrill of killing monsters.

in other news, are you as upset as i am that our previous argument got chopped up the way it did?

anyway, i hope someday you stop getting downvoted into oblivion.
01/08/2019 01:02 PMPosted by AtomicPunk
Pvp isn’t part of D2. Pvp is hacks, bots, dupes, black markets sales and jsp. Like I said, it has no relavance to D2.

then why does diablo have a hostile system if its not apart of the game?

when i see your trash posts beartribe i am glad you isolate yourself to west hc where almost no one plays so you can play with yourself ;)

bliz is dumb but not dumb enough to actually follow another idiots advice (you)

very few changes have taken place in d2 over the past 10 years thankfully your garbage ideas will make no dent in it and your time and life will be wasted

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