WC3 TFT Battle.net 'Temporarily Restricted'

Hello. I preordered WC3 Reforged two weeks ago in order to play TFT online again since they removed it from the store. In the meantime I was playing on the PTR.
Today I tried connecting to TFT Battle.net for the first time since the december 1 update, and I cannot login because I have been "temporarily restricted from the server" error (3.46).
This appeared on my very first connection attempt, after allowing me to create a b.net profile. I've tried switching gateways but no luck.
I already had the RoC cd-key on my account from a long time ago, but not TFT if that helps. I've had this account for a very long time and have never spammed, hacked, botted, etc as the article says.
Is there anything I can do to finally play?
Same issue here. Tho i have tried to connect a few times, and reinstalled 3-4 times. Also followed some guides listed here, but nothing helped.
Im having the same issue also. Not only am i unable to connect to battlenet on TFT but i also cannot access battlenet on Diablo II: LoD. Any help is appreciated.
I haven't purchased anything, but I can't login battle.net. I was playing TFT for some mounts before this.
Has someone found a solution?
My guess is they are closing it down and preparing for the reforged version to come out.
12/17/2018 12:58 PMPosted by Turagh
My guess is they are closing it down and preparing for the reforged version to come out.

So I won't be able to play until reforged? Also what if I don't want to play reforged? Because I don't - it looks so ugly.
After 11-12 hours I tried to login again and again, I have the same error(3.46).
I have the same issue with error (3.46). Also my battlenet button is grayed out since yesterday and now I can't even attempt to connect to battle.net. GM which I talked with told me that the temporal restriction should be lifted in 24 hours. It didn't. Any suggestion what to do?
blizzard just stole my money with promises of being able to play Warcraft 3 classic. im guessing they just shut down the servers and steal peoples money in preparation for the "remastered" addition.
A friend just bought remastered and got classic, he can enter battle.net while I, owner of TFT for years, cannot. Is this a coup on those who owned tft? We have to pay twice to play classic tft?
same problem here.
Any solution for it yet?
I saw people change their IP to play it again, and flush their DNS is this really nessesary?
I have had this issue for 1 week... I really want to be able to play during the Christmas period. Anyone find solution besides changing IP? :/
The ban seems to be related to me reinstalling and installing the game...
I got back home for christmas and got the error. Anyone found a way out?
I have the same problem, just bought W3:Reforged to be able to play TFT online and can't login to battle.net, anyone found how to solve this?
Same problem, tried a lot for a few days but still unsolved...somehow it just worked once as I could log in at another Wlan network but not at my home. Very strange, very sad.
Patching already got quite complicated with Win10 as Blizzard removed the downoadclient from their page. This really sucks as over the years I bought the original roc 3 times and tft 2 times as CDs got lost or destroyed. Still I cant play :(
Just talked to a GM and he says my IP is blocked until Jan 26th. He can not tell me the reason for it and I didnt get an Email for this issue as he claimed. I have no idea why this restriction took place and I cant think of any reason for it. I have several original copies of the game and just created a new account that I could never login before my IP got restricted (so no spamming or stuff). I guess using qwert customkeys is not considered as using third party hacking tools or stuff.
So I will wait until Jan 26th to be restricted for no reason again #sadreactsonly
Okay something s really !@#$ed up here. When i try to connect trough my home network i cannot login. When i tried it using it my phone as a router i had no problem. Anyone knows what could be the reason?
Where located this router?
I had to resort to using a vpn. After contacting customer support they told me i was apparently banned for 48h even though literally i haven't touched warcraft 3 in a year, and i just reinstalled it, tried to log on, and BOOM. insta temporary restricted. wtf blizzard. Fix now.

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