WC3 TFT Battle.net 'Temporarily Restricted'

stopped playing for a month come back and restricted gg you get banned for not playing for a month
I had ban in the middle of January for nothing.
Ban was for 2 weeks. I spoke with support a bit and after that didn't even try to connect.
Two days after my ban had to end i tried to connect and had the same message.
No my IP is banned until 28.04 for no reason.
Great work.
I really want to refund my money back, coz I do not get game I paid for
Since I bought Regorged because of access to WC3 TFT, and the ban made it impossible for me to play, then I just got my money back. I advise everyone :)
I also pre-ordered reforged, but when I go to make an online account for the public test realm, I'm hit with an error message "There was an error in handling the request. (3.13)". Any helpful tips or solutions would be eternally appreciated.
got this error testerday. dont know what to do..
yea i have the same issue. i would really love to log in to battle net and play wciii please!
Battle.net is grayed out. I bought reforged.any way to get battle.net UN-grayed out??
Well great today it hits me T_T
nice to see that there is no solution -.-
i am so into wc3 lately dammit
Something fixed the problem for me, but don't know what.
Same problem 2 days and I dont know why ?
Same problem here. any solutions that actually work?

This error mainly occurs if your account was actioned. You can review more about this Here. Due to the age of this thread and this error, it's being locked. Please start your own thread in the future for this error.

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