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Hello to anyone reading this!

I really love Diablo games on PC, but last 2 years i stoped to upgrade my PC, and start mobile-gaming for myself. So, idea of Mobile Diablo is awesom for me, just there is no Diablo-like games( i mean soul/core/idea) on mobile platform. So i really sitting here and waiting as Hatiko for release of Immortal)

I just got a little suggestion, if i can let devs know, and if u help me to let them know.

3 days ago, was released another game on mobile: The Gready Cave 2: the Caves of Time.
It is rogue-like game with "tower" system - then further u got, then more different mobs are there, and it s much hard to get further and further.
The idea is simple and simmilar to arpg ganre, But! just have a look on how its was made: u never know how much amd which mobs will be spawned on floor (the mobs changes avery 30 levels, but ammount and type is fully random from floor to floor). And another one thing is loot. Hundred tons of loot, and never 2 simmilar parts of armor. Deep system of customization of stats and skills, and u can change everything u need with huge luck and pile of time. But, how great the feeling, when u found something really good!)) And, despite that it takes really a lot of time (u just want play more and more) its really strong game with cool replayability.

So, if anyone can, show them the game) Maybe, its not the way the devs go, but maybe there they can find a lot of sollutions and really strong and cool ideas to improve the content, the depth, the classic-like soul of the upcoming Diablo: Immortal.

I just belive, that adequate communications and suggestions can help to make our Diablo: Immortal really great and make haters cry themselves in a corner.

Thank u for patience.

Its not kind of trolling, joke or smth like that.

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