Can a mod respond to one of us who lost nonladder stuff

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all my chars are gone accounts are still there but every char is gone. Hopefully a roll back is coming cause that pretty much just ended my diablo career forever
they're deleting inactive chars, so if your chars were inactive they got wiped by the system. I doubt there will be a rollback of the server, so count your stuff as lost
No bad style.
I had a weird glitch like this.... I used a different client to log in and my chars showed up. They may not be gone. When was the last time you logged in with them?
You must not.
You get nothing back, I had 11 days left on my last ladder character whom i had farmed and traded a ton to get enigma and all cool stuff. Luckily I got online and checked, otherwise it would have been gone to waste.
Think its retarded system to remove these "inactive" accounts. I dont play often on my non-ladder but when I do, Id like to play with my gear. Not to worry all the time that something is being deleted.
Yerp. I had a "legit" bugged Tal's on UsEast. Let the accounts expire and *poof* good times away!

Pretty sure they don't care about that. Millions of dollars worth of items have vaporized over the years. This was never counted as a problem, as it is expected behavior.
I learned this the hard way on the first purge by losing a lot of expired mules, by a lot I mean a ton of hours into mfing and muling gear that’s worthy. Considering I didn’t lose my toons, going forward I’ll be using permed mules.
Now I don’t keep perf set items, extra 20dex ravens, 15% dwarfs, random wisps plus a lot of random uniques. It sucks more now than it did when Blizzard ran the show.

Mods aren’t going to reply because they don’t understand why we value this game. They just like getting paid for copper level cs.
characters or mules get deleted
make sure and relog into your accounts
if you send me a message on discord i can help you with things i have made for this purpose and in short never lose another account again.

msg back if interested

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