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I'm in a software dev program and would like to create a web app using Blizzard APIs for my capstone project.

I would really love to create some sort of tracking system for completing appearance sets. Basically creating a site that will display the same information on the browser that a character would see when viewing their Sets section of the Appearance tab.

That way you can pull up the web app to review all the pieces you're missing from a set instead of opening the windows and clicking the sets in game every time you want to see the details.

Think this is possible with the tools currently available? Considering this information is not available through the wow armory, I'm thinking I might be out of luck. :(

layla, if you havent yet, i'd ask this question on the discord server (you can find a link in one of the pinned posts in the api discussion) the response time there tends to be much more immediate.
Hey Layla,

While there is a lot of information in the APIs for WoW, I do not think there is comprehensive information surrounding item appearance sets.

You may be able to get some information, but it might not be 100% straight forward as items and their appearances are quite dynamic.

Best of luck on your project!
Thank you both for the feedback! I will definitely check out the discord and you're right, I think I will need to come up with something else unfortunately.

I still want to create a project using WoW APIs so I will need to review again what is available and figure out something new.

If anyone's got ideas of a cool project, let me know! ;D

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