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My Battlenet app will not launch WoW after selecting play. Last night it was fine until 12:30 a.m. EST Dec 21, 2018. Today I can not boot the game from Battlenet.
The launch symbol (rotating circle) appears after selecting play but it disappears after 10 (+/-) seconds and the game WoW does not launch - Nothing Happens !!!!
What's going on and why did it just suddenly start?
Note: There was a short update when I started game last evening.
PLEASE HELP I have not been able to play game at all today.
I re-installed Battlenet and then WoW out of desperation.

Awaiting a reply
Hope someone can help
12/21/2018 05:12 PMPosted by Mapleleaf
Hope someone can help

This forum isn't for personal help, you posted on the bug report forum and not tech support. Your antivirus or firewall might be blocking the game after the update, so I'd check that first. But if you want help from Blizzard you're better off opening a ticket instead of posting on the forums given with the holidays the forums might have less staff than usual, whereas the ticket system always has people.

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