app not recognizing new folder structure

Bug Report
I have my WoW Retail on my SSD drive ( C ) and PTR / betas on my WD Black (D).

With the changes to the folder structures, I figured it'd be the perfect time to move the ptr stuff to my C drive as it'll barely take up any extra space, and I can delete over 70gbs off the D drive..

Unfortunately, when I attempted to manually update the pathfile in BDA, it wouldn't recognize any of it.

When I attempted to do a Scan for the locations... Its not even acknowledging the _retail_ vs _ptr_ in the folder structure, and using pre 8.1 locations....
As you can see, I do have both retail & ptr folders together, which should be working, but I can't switch BDA to use the C:\ ptr folder... Cuz it doesn't recognize its own new file paths.

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