SC2 API missing favorite race & mmr

API Bug Report
When I tried to get MMR & favorite race data for certain player(playerId=3285450, ladderId= 70290), I could not get the data because there is no attribute 'mmr', or 'favoriteRace' in JSON. The only thing I could see was:

"ladderId": "70290",
"team": {
"localizedGameMode": "1v1",
"members": [
"name": "TYTY",
"playerId": "3285450",
"region": 3
"leagueName": "MASTER",
"localizedDivisionName": "카그 오메가",
"rank": 23,
"wins": 17,
"losses": 10

It seems most of the accounts provide attributes as I expected, but this account doesn't.
Maybe leaving league could affect the result? If then, what should I do to get correct data?
this is probably an enhancement request, I'm not sure what endpoint you used but the generic sc2 player profile does not contain mmr. I believe you have to pull up the ladder group they are in to get that information. If they are not in a ladder group the player's mmr may not actually be retrievable via the web api. I would suggest posting in the other API form and request an enhancement to the profile endpoint to include all current ladder mmr's

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