Reason for restriction (Or is it restriction?)

I'm receiving the "Disconnected from battlenet. Please Reconnect" message. I tried to get on from work after installing Diablo2 on my laptop. Digital download and patch from website, used the cd-key on my account library for install.

What I can't figure out is what I did to earn a restriction. I looked over the topic "Temporary Restrictions" and I see nothing there that I did in game, especially since I never managed to reach the account login, nevermind connect to battlenet at all.

If it's a mistake is it possible to remove the restriction or to find out how long it is? Been a frustrating day since I wasn't able to pass the day with a game on a Saturday workday and now I can't log in at home either (luckily my character is perma unless this lasts 3+ months).
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im having the same issue and no response from battle net...seems to be a pretty common thing
If you think whats is my error so you very strange.
first always use cdkeys from bnet and never from a store
if you log in with grey cdkeys you will get a soft ip resiction that can last 24 hours
if you log in with grey cdkeys and vpn expect 72 to 96+ hour ip restrict

if you get a restriction do not log into your bnet account as it can increase or reset period of wait. Try for 48 hours with out touching it

If this happens always fall back to our secondary ip / cdkey / accounts that are sandboxied from main accounts so you dont blacklist everything and wait out the suspension period.

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