Stolen account

my account was been stolen.
name of account: TheLastStar#21937

He change my email and password and when i try to login, blizzard writting thats my account not exist.

please i need some help.
Open a ticket. They can't assist with hacked accounts on the forum. As long as you have the same owner name on that account as the original one they should be able to track it down, but they might require you to provide ID. Read through this article:
It's important to make sure your PC is clean, else you might lose the account again in the near future. Also consider adding an authenticator and/or SMS protect, they're free.
good luck with that it happened to me and blizzard responded with have you tried resetting the pw meanwhile my acc was cleaned out
Author. Say to me first word your email but not your name is first word email service.

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