Too much ping in ladder games

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My ping is way too high in ladder games, both on US east and US west. I live in western Canada and it's almost unplayable...

I thought it was something on my side but it's not. I logged into World of Warcraft just now and my ping was 60. Im some ladder games on Warcraft 3 it's in the 400s and sometimes higher.

What is going on?
If I was to guess they have been throttled... check out how much data these tech giants use up and before they changed the laws they could basically take advantage of this data stream.

Now they have to pay a high premium for there mags usage and combining that with record low players paying on their game titles you can see where this is going...

Expect extra crap service, support and lack luster games until the heads of these corporations have recovered their losses and sold this company to Bane Capital or similar.

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