Grey button on WC3

I tried reinstalling WC3 BattleNet button is still grey. Also, when I install, it gives two options to input CD-Key, if I do the manual typing, that is accepted, but if I try the WC3-Reforged option, where I have to log into my Blizzard account, it says failed (or unable) "to authenticate 6.9" with an exclamation mark... what is up with that? That's not my main concern, that is more a technical problem Blizzard has... my issue is not being able to click BattleNet... if I install an old version from the CD I have, version 1.04, the button is blue, but I cannot upgrade to new version without uninstalling and reinstalling from my Blizzard account... but when I do that, and have what I believe is the newest version, the button is grey and I cannot click it. Is my account suspended or something?

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