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So you developed a way where I have to quit and join games to have a chance to kill Diablo Clone... and you also developed that quitting and joining games means you get 1-7 days of temp ban.
Meanwhile I met more bots than legit players.

Words can't describe how mad I am about this.
I'm sure Blizzard feels awful that you are such a bad dclone hunter
your doing it wrong....

clone hunt while you mf or stay in game for a min of 7 minutes per cdkey / ip / account

get on irc and have a team meeting with clone group

decide what day it will happen on
decide what server
decide when (time)
decide how many sojs per person is putting into that server this is usually 10 to 20 depending on group size

you will need a script to tell you what server your on my script writes that data to a log or to my d2's window handle, this does not break any bliz tos because its only looking at tcp streams with a xxx:4000 and printing them.

for the sake of example your target server is 50
make games @ 7 min per game until target sever is found / make sure and give your games a password

when ip 50 is found it will look like this tcp 50:4000

now park a hell rushed sitter or hell torch mule in that game and continue to make games and check ip. when all your chars to your max ip 8/ip are filled then stop and switch keys / connections if you make games with a lot of chars in game you will realm down fast, so push those games off to another connection and have a difference between makers and sitters. Because anti idle methods bliz patched them i wont go into how to keep chars moving in game thats a trade secrete.

ok all sitters are on correcter server
message group to begin, as they were doing the same thing

first sell sojs to any vendor and report to the team what you did and they will do the same so you know how many sojs are sold total. You want about 80 to 120 sojs sold before a clone walks. So communications are important as sojs are hard to find and what your doing is an investment.

sojs on west are about a sur or 80 ish in cost per
if you want your by in to be 80 x 15 then it will cost each user about 1200 or 6 to 7 ber runes

now pull in the smiter or hdin or actually any char ( i use a mf light sorc with 15k damage and it kills it fine. then xfer out the unid anni and the roi per is 1k

I can have 40 chars all on same server waiting for me to join and kill dclone. So from a wealth aspect invest in 1200 get out 40000 or the equivalent of 200 ber runes. That is why no one does public dclone walks....

cross realm clones are patched
sell sojs non ladder pop ladder on same ip this is patched

cross server clones are not patched
sell on sc ladder pop on hc ladder, this is one of the main methods of getting anni on hc and the cost will be astronomical on the hc side.

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